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Rheem Message to Plumbers on the Winter Storm Impact

February 25, 2021

Dear Rheem® Plumber,
Our thoughts are with you and your team members who have been impacted by the extreme weather conditions in Texas. We understand the difficult circumstances this has created and share concern for the safety and comfort of all affected.
We know you are working tirelessly to restore the water supply to Texans in need. While you are working the front lines, Rheem is working in parallel with our suppliers to expedite both tankless water heaters as well as replacement parts to the Texas market.

Water Heater Tips for Winter Weather Conditions

February 25, 2021

Our thoughts are with those across the country who have been affected by the extreme weather conditions. We understand the difficult circumstances this has created and share concern for the safety and comfort of all affected.

As a result of the winter storms, some homeowners have experienced frozen pipes, frozen exterior hose bibs and frozen tankless water heaters. When dealing with water and electricity, please always take precautions and consult with a licensed plumber.

Celebrating Black History Month

February 9, 2021
recognizing trailblazing innovators

In honor of Black History Month, we’re celebrating history-making individuals in the plumbing and water heating space, recognizing the innovation and achievements of these trailblazers that made and continue to make an impact on our industry today.

Read on to learn more about three Black plumbing and water heating pioneers:

Adrienne Bennett, the First Black Female Master Plumber in the U.S.

Even when Adrienne Bennett was a young girl, she had a passion for figuring out how things work,

Rheem Parts Xpress Reinvents Water Heater Warranty Parts Delivery

February 9, 2021
parts xpress

Introducing Rheem® Parts Xpress™. Get the warranty parts you need quickly. No one wants to wait when they don’t have hot water. We’re giving plumbers access to parts the same day, often within a couple hours.

Plumbers Will Save the Day

Nothing is worse than your water heater going out and you are without hot water. Every task becomes more of a chore. It’s unpleasant to take a cold shower, wash your hands with cold water and do dishes.

Plumber 2 Plumber: Rheem Training Taught by Master Plumbers

February 9, 2021
someone attending online training

Everyone offers training, but not everyone can say that they have a team of master plumbers who have all formally run plumbing companies. Join Rheem’s master plumbers for weekly instructor-led digital training available online. That’s right, every class is taught by a master plumber.

What’s Different About Plumber 2 Plumber (P2P) Training?

It can be frustrating when it seems like your trainer doesn’t know much beyond what is on the slide in a presentation.

Training Success for Plumbers in 2020 and Beyond

February 4, 2021
Plumber training online on a laptop

What a year! Despite the challenges that 2020 brought, plumbers were still able to get the training they needed. We welcomed over 19,000 attendees whether they participated in in-person training or online training once we had to close our Innovation Learning Centers due to COVID. If you were one of the many plumbers that attended – THANK YOU! We are looking forward to having thousands more this year.

Packed Training Calendar for Plumbers

Plumbers rocked last year and logged in their training hours.