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Water Heater Tips for Winter Weather Conditions

February 25, 2021

Our thoughts are with those across the country who have been affected by the extreme weather conditions. We understand the difficult circumstances this has created and share concern for the safety and comfort of all affected.

As a result of the winter storms, some homeowners have experienced frozen pipes, frozen exterior hose bibs and frozen tankless water heaters. When dealing with water and electricity, please always take precautions and consult with a licensed plumber.

What to Do

If you are experiencing a leak from your water heater, we recommend that you immediately turn off the water and gas or electrical supply to the unit and call your plumber to determine your service options.

If the past freezing temperatures caused a burst pipe not within the water heater, you should turn off your home’s main water supply to prevent further damage and contact a plumber for assistance. If you need help finding a local plumber to assess the plumbing or water heater in your home, please use our Find a Pro search for professional licensed plumbers in your area.

How Your Plumber Can Help

As plumbers and builders are working tirelessly to restore the water supply to Texans in need, Rheem is working in parallel with its suppliers to expedite both tankless water heaters and replacement parts to the Texas market. As a result of the winter storms, we expect to see an increased demand for tankless water heaters and replacement parts. A plumber’s professional expertise is highly recommended to determine if your product needs repaired or replaced. Please seek professional plumbing support to determine the best possible solution.

Rheem Resources & Support

Rheem® tankless water heaters are designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. However, freeze protection instructions and uninterrupted power supply to the water heaters must be maintained to protect the internal components of the water heaters. If it is determined, by a licensed professional, the unit is not operating due to freeze conditions, please note that this is not covered under the Rheem Tankless Gas Warranty. You can verify your water heater warranty and call our Customer Tankless Gas Support Team at 1-866-720-2076. If you are experiencing issues unrelated to freeze conditions, please refer to the Care & Use manual on hand or download a copy from our website.