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Rheem Parts Xpress Reinvents Water Heater Warranty Parts Delivery

February 9, 2021
parts xpress

app with mapIntroducing Rheem® Parts Xpress™. Get the warranty parts you need quickly. No one wants to wait when they don’t have hot water. We’re giving plumbers access to parts the same day, often within a couple hours.

Plumbers Will Save the Day

Nothing is worse than your water heater going out and you are without hot water. Every task becomes more of a chore. It’s unpleasant to take a cold shower, wash your hands with cold water and do dishes. What’s even worse is having a leak and worrying about home damage.

We now give plumbers access to SAME DAY parts. This is a game changer. Giving customers their hot water back hours or days sooner, and giving homeowners their hot water back sooner is precious.

partsGet Your Parts Without the Delay

We can get you the most common service parts in as little as two hours. Rheem Parts Xpress avoids a trip to the distributor or waiting for overnight shipping. That way, the repair can happen sooner and homeowners don’t have to wait.

Placing an Order Is Easy

Just call Rheem Customer Service at 1-800-432-8373. We’re currently offering Rheem Parts Xpress in major cities across the U.S. Check here to see if it’s available in your area.

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