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ThermaForce Combi Boilers and Boilers Lead in Whole Home Heating Solutions

August 2, 2023
ThermaForce Combi Boilers and Boilers Lead in Whole Home Heating Solutions

Here at Rheem®, we’re continually innovating to exceed installation, performance and energy efficiency requirements with industry-leading water heaters. We’ve just released the Rheem ThermaForce™ Super High Efficiency condensing portfolio of combi boilers, boilers and tankless water heaters. The ThermaForce platform offers comfort solutions for the entire home from space heating to domestic hot water. With this innovative, energy efficient technology, you can easily heat your home, enjoy continuous hot water and save energy.

The ThermaForce Advantage

What sets ThermaForce apart from the rest? Here are some standout features about the whole home heating solution:

High Performance for Whole Home Demands – Powerful single pass labyrinth heat exchanger with copper waterways means you won’t have to worry about running out of hot water even in extreme hard water environments. The waterways are embedded in a cast aluminum block to ensure maximum heat transfer and minimal heat loss, and it reduces thermal stress limiting lime scale and damage. Wash the dishes, load the laundry, bathe the kids and still have enough hot water to enjoy a bath of your own.

Reliable Temperature Control – Experience comfort without unexpected water temperature fluctuations.

Illuminated Touchscreen Control Panel – Sleek touchscreen display allows for easy setup and troubleshooting and illuminates a single flame icon to indicate the unit is operating.

Outdoor Reset Technology – Automatically adjusts boiler water set temperature based on outdoor temperature for optimal efficiency.

Wireless Cascading
– For larger homes with higher demand, no wiring means a faster install and cleaner look. No Wi-Fi required.

Reduce Energy Bills – With the new combi boilers and boilers, you’ll save annually over standard efficiency heating solutions.

Save Space – ThermaForce combi boilers deliver the space heating and domestic hot water normally provided by two appliances in one space-saving solution.

Qualify for Available Energy Rebates – ENERGY STAR® certified combi boiler and boiler units may qualify for tax credits, and all units may qualify for state or local rebates saving on upfront costs.

Continuous Hot Water and Comfort

ThermaForce is a flexible solution filled with features that keep hot water flowing. When you’re searching for a whole home heating solution, look to ThermaForce for your family’s hot water needs.