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Rheem®PREFERRED SERIES Water Softeners

Innovative water softening solutions from the brand you trust

Rheem is a pioneer in the development of innovative solutions in the heating, cooling and water heating industries – from industry-changing products to state-of-the-art, energy-efficient technologies. Building on this heritage in innovation, Rheem is excited to announce the launch of its newest development – a line of advanced water softening products featuring Rheem® Learning Technology.

A range of softeners to meet your specific needs


Premium, WiFi-enabled softener with remote water management and maximum efficiency for large households


Efficient, high-performing, high-capacity softener ideal for large households


Reliable, high-performing softener with essential features, ideal for medium households

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is any supply that contains excess minerals or metals, and 85% of North American households are in a hard water area. This can cause a variety of problems related to cleaning, appliance life expectancy and efficiency – including problems related to your water heater.

Do I have Hard Water?

You can determine the hardness level of your water by requesting a free hard water test strip. This quick and simple test will help you decide whether a water softener is right for you.

Rheem® Learning Technology
This new line of Rheem water softeners offers smart, built-in Rheem® Learning Technology that learns your water usage patterns to optimize salt and water consumption and provide on-demand soft water for your home. This premier product line saves you money, conserves water and energy while delivering pristine, soft water throughout your home.

Rheem® PREFERRED SERIES Water Softeners
Innovative water softening solutions from the brand you trust

  • Soft and Clean Water

    Softer water will create numerous benefits for you and your family, such as healthier skin and hair, cleaner dished and appliances, and money saved from lower energy bills and longer-lasting appliances.

  • Easy Salt Loading

    Large tank opening with a hinged cover makes loading salt fast and easy.

  • Lasting Quality

    Durable, high-impact salt storage with an internal double-lined mineral tank will not deteriorate, rust or corrode. The tanks are guaranteed for 10 years.

  • Low Salt Monitor

    A blue status light flashes slowly to let you know when it’s time to add salt. On Platinum™ Water Softeners, the iQua™ water management app and the water softener display will let you know when it’s time to add salt.

  • Eliminates Unsightly Stains

    Removes clear water (Ferrous) iron that causes reddish-drown stains to form on toilets, showers and sinks.

  • Made in the USA

    Rheem® Water Softeners are designed, engineered and manufactured right here in the USA.

  • Backed with Industry-Leading Warranties

    1-year on parts and labor (extendable to 5-years*), 3-years on electronics, 10-years on tanks.
    *The 1-year can be extended to five years with the use of Rheem Cleaner – see warranty page for more information.

Water Softener Savings

*Based on the manufacturer’s internal laboratory testing.
**Based on SF Gate’s home guide on water heater electricity consumption.

less salt than traditional water softeners*

of water per year*

Rheem® Learning


Get Connected to your Water with the PREFERRED Platinum Water Softener and iQua Water Management App

Get Rheem® PREFERRED SERIES Water Softeners
Visit The Home Depot and ask an associate about the Rheem® PREFERRED Series Water Softeners.

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