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Plumber Support

ProPlumber Tools to Grow Your Plumbing Business

March 28, 2022
plumber support

We make it easier for ProPlumbers™ to do business. It’s all about having the right knowledge and resources to best serve your customers. Customers have access to more information online than ever before. Being armed with the knowledge, support and marketing tools is what helps you stand out. ProPlumber resources give you what you need to grow your business.

Dedicated Concierge Line

Faster support is available to ProPlumbers. The express line is a dedicated phone number for Plumber Business Support and Tech Support that you can access with your pin number.

Top 5 Reasons to Join Plumbers’ Exchange

January 13, 2022
Plumbers' Exchange Facebook group

Click Here to Join Plumbers’ Exchange Now

Start off the year right, by joining a group designed just for plumbers to talk shop. We’ve created a Facebook community for plumbers which is now 1,620 strong. Here’s why you should join Plumbers’ Exchange:

1. Post questions in the group and get answers from other plumbers

Ever have a burning question that only another plumber would understand? Sure, you can ask a few crew members,

Customized Marketing Support for Plumbing Companies through ProPlumber Program

December 17, 2021
ProPlumber billboard

You have the plumbing down, but marketing isn’t always easy. The Rheem® ProPlumber™ program provides marketing support to plumbing companies so they have the tools they need to be successful in their service area.

Billboards Bring in Business

Make sure that customers notice your brand so they call you next time they need a plumber. A billboard can help your company name and contact information be seen by many. Creating a well-designed one can be challenging,

Training Options Give Plumbers Multiple Ways to Fit in Learning with Rheem

December 15, 2021
training options

There are a variety of training types available to plumbers that make it easier to make training a priority. The more ways we can make Rheem training accessible to plumbers the better. So, here’s a roundup of everything that’s available.

Reopened Innovation Learning Centers (ILCs)

We opened our ILC doors up again for in-person training in September 2021. We know that many plumbers prefer an in-person experience, and we are glad to be back after our ILCs were closed since mid-March 2020 due to the pandemic.

YouTube Videos Made for Plumbers

December 13, 2021
rheem water heater training youtube channel

If you’re looking for information about Rheem® products, servicing units and how-tos, look no further than our YouTube channel. The Rheem Water Heater Training YouTube channel already has 18 videos with a total of 2,300 hours of watch time, and we’re adding more videos all the time.

Content from the Experts

Our trainers star in these videos and they have extensive experience as plumbers from before they joined Rheem. Mike, Pierce,

Talk Shop with Other Plumbers in Facebook Group Plumbers’ Exchange

December 10, 2021
plumbers exchange facebook group

It can be hard to find time to talk with other plumbers when you’re on job sites all day. Plumbers’ Exchange is a place you can go to talk to other plumbers when you have a spare minute. Only plumbers understand the “plumber life” so scroll and see what they’re talking about in the Facebook group. Think of it as a way to have lots of plumbers in the room to talk to.

How to Thrive with Rheem Plumber Training and Business Support

November 29, 2021
thrive with rheem

At Rheem® we are dedicated to helping plumbers be successful from product training to business growth. Get the Rheem installing and selling advantage you need for water heating. Start with the resources below, or contact us to grow with Rheem.

Contact our Plumber Business Support Team at (844) 655-0886 or to learn how Rheem can help you thrive.

Get Registered for Plumber-to-Plumber Training

Rheem has a team of Master Plumbers who have operated their own plumbing business.

Plumbers on Instagram Can Put Their Work in the Spotlight

October 12, 2021

As a plumber, you work hard every day, but are you sharing your water heater installs to drive more business? Sometimes a job well done can go unnoticed. That’s where your Instagram account comes in. Plumbers and plumbing companies are sharing photos of their installs, and we’re excited about it. We’re giving plumbers the spotlight by sharing some of them on our Instagram stories.

Tag @RheemWater So We Can Share Your Work

Show off your next install on Instagram.

Enhance Your Plumbing Company’s Online Presence and Increase Business

September 20, 2021

In the plumbing industry, a company’s visibility within a service area is critical for growth. Ensuring your company is top of mind among homeowners and businesses can be hard work and very time consuming. The Rheem® ProPlumber™ Program gives you the tools to grow your business easily.

Get Seen by Potential Customers

To get new customers, you need to be seen. As one of the benefits of the ProPlumber Program, you can increase your visibility on the Rheem Find a Pro page.

Grow Your Plumbing Business and Stay Competitive in Your Service Area

August 16, 2021
plumber in truck

Being aware of all of the programs, tools and resources that are available is half the battle. You know you want to grow your business, but sometimes it can be hard to figure out where to start. The Rheem® Plumber Business Support team is here for plumbers. They are ready to provide information and support.

Start with the Basics

Setting up a MyRheem account gives access to resources available to you. Knowing who your area’s Plumber Business Support Manager is helps because you can reach an actual person to ask questions.

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