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2022 Blog Highlights: Plumber Edition

December 15, 2022
2022 blog highlights plumber edition

We’re here to help you find everything you need to know about water heating. We’ll connect you with Rheem product information, new products, training and resources you need throughout the year. The goal is to help you grow your business.

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Plumber Support Manager Profile: Robert Haworth

December 15, 2022
plumber support manager

Meet Robert Haworth, one of our newer Plumber Support Managers (PSMs) who comes with experience in the plumbing, marketing and business worlds. He grew up in Ohio, then moved to Arizona as a teenager. He’s stayed in Arizona for 40 years and counting, although he’s worked in Florida and Alabama for a few years as well.

He’s a proud husband, father to six and grandfather to six. When he’s not tending to his children and grandchildren,

Plumber Support Manager Profile: Tim House

November 10, 2022
Rheem plumber support manager

Here at Rheem®, we’re constantly seeking out plumbers who make us better. That means keeping the dialogue ongoing and listening, then acting. That’s why we have a team of plumbers who are our Plumber Support Managers. With their help, we can continue to expand Rheem’s plumber perspective and make sure every move Rheem makes has the plumber in mind.

Get to Know Tim

Tim is a new Plumber Support Manager from Kentucky who has dedicated almost his entire life to plumbing.

Triton is the Water Heating Powerhouse for Businesses

October 27, 2022
hotel lobby

Businesses depend on essential functions to stay up and running and to provide the best customer service. For many businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, gyms and laundromats, hot water is vital to daily operations. They need a powerful, durable water heating solution that eliminates down time and emergencies.

Rheem® Triton® high-efficiency gas water heater is the behind-the-scenes powerhouse that meets the daily hot water demands of any business while offering intelligent features that keep business running.

Rheem’s ProPlumber Program Has Its Rewards

October 20, 2022
Rheem proplumber

Stronger customer relationships and business growth are two of the main reasons to join the Rheem® ProPlumber™ program. However, earning valuable rewards for your work is always welcome. Your loyalty to Rheem and your customers will give you access to rewards.

ProClub Points Give Back to Plumbers

Helping your customers find the water heater solutions that best serve their needs can also earn you rewards. While we’re not going to list them all here,

A Leader with Experience in Putting Plumbers First (Since He Is One)

October 12, 2022
Tom plumber support

We often stand back in awe of all we learn from Tom McConahay. Having his perspective keeps us on the right track to focusing on how we can best support plumbers. With his extensive first-hand experience as a plumber in the field, our company is fortunate to have his knowledge with us every step of the way.

Here’s more about Tom from his perspective.

Short Bio

I started plumbing in October of 1993.

Honoring Tradespeople in Plumbing for National Tradesmen Day

September 16, 2022
national plumbers day plumbers

On the third Friday of September every year, we observe National Tradesmen Day in the United States. This day recognizes workers who often build their skills and experience through apprenticeships or vocational training. Specifically in building trades, tradespeople pursue areas like plumbing, HVAC, carpentry, masonry, flooring and electricity. All of them are key to creating a safe, secure home or workplace. We’d specifically like to share our gratitude for plumbers. They are dedicated to keeping families up and running with hot water all year long.

Product Trainers at Rheem: Glenn Morris

September 15, 2022
trainer glenn morris

There is a saying that goes, “A jack of all trades is a master of none.” What most usually don’t quote is the words that come after it, saying, “But oftentimes better than a master of one.” Glenn is a product trainer and content developer at Rheem who says he resonates with this. He has worn many hats in his career. He started off in mechanical engineering, then transitioned into high school teaching in subjects like engineering,

Spotlighting Family Plumbing Businesses for National Son’s and Daughter’s Day

August 11, 2022
national sons and daughters day

Many plumbing businesses are family businesses. Sons and daughters grow up learning from their fathers and mothers and become a part of the business as they get older. Today, we’re highlighting a specific company, Plumbing Express, to give you a glimpse into their experience as a family business. Peter outlines their story below.

The Bogacz Family Business

The business was started and ran from 1986 to 1996 with a father and son team,

New Rheem Atmospheric and Power Vent Models Allow for Easy Installation and Faster Servicing

August 3, 2022
atmospheric and power vent water heater

This expansion of the Rheem® product line makes our atmospheric and power vent models even more flexible to different applications with its addition of side water connections for space heating applications. Plumbers will find that it speeds up their job to help customers get back to their everyday life.

New Side Water Connections

The addition of side water connections and high BTU (British Thermal Unit/output) models that provide more hot water without increasing footprint allow for a broader product offering for more applications.

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