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HotWave™ HotWave™
HotWave™ HotWave™


The multipurpose hose sprayer that never runs out of hot water

Hot water outdoors whenever and wherever you need it!
Safe and easy to use, HotWave gives you complete control of water temperature and the water stream, so you can use it on anything from tough jobs like cleaning your patio, to more gentle jobs like washing your dog!

Animal Grooming
Animal Grooming
Washing Car or RVWashing Car or RV
Outdoor CleaningOutdoor Cleaning
Easy to UseEasy to Use

HotWave Heats Water Instantly Using Tankless Water Heating Technology.

Provides Endless Hot Water Outdoors Whenever and Wherever You Need it.

HotWave Features Diagram

HotWave Nozzle Detail

4 Spray Patterns

So You’re Sure to Have the Right One For The Job at Hand

  • Shower
    This setting provides you with the highest flow and the maximum amount of water. Cleaning your pet, hosing down a kid after a trip to the beach, or just washing off dirty shoes from a muddy hike is faster and more efficient with warm water and the shower setting, so spray away!
    Shower Spray Icon

  • Flat
    Watch soapy suds wash away from the car or even your dog. This spray pattern is useful for a variety of jobs, but gentle enough for your furry friend.
    Flat Spray Icon

  • Jet
    The strongest setting for tough jobs. Wash away grease and dirt using the jet spray pattern on house siding, an outdoor grill, a dirty horse stable, and anywhere else where you need the maximum spraying power.
    Jet Spray Icon

  • Center
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    Center Spray Icon

Performance Guide

Your location’s average seasonal ground water temperature will affect the performance of Hotwave®. Follow these 2 steps to confirm Hotwave® meets your needs.

1Use the U.S. Ground Water Temperature Map to locate your zone.
Click on the map for step 2.

Watch HotWave at Work

RheemLabs™ and how the HotWave™ was Born

The RheemLabs™ team is a cross-functional group set out to innovate creative, new solutions to some of consumers’ biggest hot water challenges. With over 50 years of combined business experience, the team has expertise in fields including engineering, marketing, product management, sales, and more. The group leverages these strengths to holistically address problems and provide winning solutions to consumers, enabling transformative hot water experiences for all.


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