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Protect Your Home with LeakGuard on ProTerra

July 10, 2020

Imagine going into your basement one day and discovering that a water heater leak has ruined numerous boxes of belongings and damaged the whole area. That has happened to many people sometime in their lives. When your water heater gets old, you may not know when it’s going to eventually stop working or cause damage to your home. You have likely heard friends or family share a terrible story about it.

Rheem ProTerra in a garageEnter ProTerra with LeakGuard

LeakGuard™ is a Rheem leak detention and prevention system on ProTerra™ that limits leaks to no more than 20 ounces of water.1 Having the most efficient water heater on the market, and knowing that it can save your home from potential water damage is the ultimate in water heating solutions. Not only will the ProTerra unit save you money on your electric bill each month, it may save you from costly water damage.

Always in the Know

Not only will the unit shut down in the event of a leak, it will send you an alert via the EcoNet® app to notify you. You will be informed of a problem before there’s no hot water with built-in leak detection that detects any leak – large or small, internal or external – in as little as 15 seconds.2

alert on app sensing waterUltimate Peace of Mind

When you’re moving throughout your day at home or out and about getting things done, you won’t have to worry about whether you may come home to thousands of dollars of potential damage to your home or belongings. What a relief that if your water heater has a leak someday in the future, you won’t have to worry about it.

Note: Our Rheem Gladiator™ Electric Water Heater also uses the same LeakGuard technology to protect your home.

1 Applies to Premium models only. Rheem leak-sensing data; testing under a vacuum lock using 50-gallon tank, no expansion tank, average tank pressure of 40 psi, assuming no additional faucets are opened. 2 Applies to Premium models only. Rheem Leak-Sensing Data: Time starts when leak begins and ends when sensor alarm is triggered.