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Plumbers’ Exchange Connects Plumbers

July 10, 2020

When we started Plumbers’ Exchange, we knew we wanted it to be a place for plumbers to talk to each other and discuss their work. Lately, we’ve seen great discussions in the group about installs, training, tools, residential plumbing and commercial construction.

With new members joining all the time, it’s exciting to see that more and more plumbers are finding Plumbers’ Exchange a place to learn from each other.

Plumbers: What do you want to discuss?

Topics are driven by plumbers. Maybe you’re wondering what everyone else thinks about venting, where others stand on ProPress vs. solder or how they decide what will bring value back to their business. Other plumbers are likely also thinking about the same things.

Previous Question to the Members

question to the group

If you’re a plumber, you’re probably already thinking about what your comment would be on this subject. The discussion is still going in Plumbers’ Exchange.

Join the Conversation

Visit Plumbers’ Exchange Facebook group and request access. Once you’re in, you can invite others to join, submit posts to the group and, most importantly, share your thoughts with other plumbers.