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Larger Triton Model Delivers Same Intelligence and Even More Hot Water

March 9, 2023
Rheem Triton SD

Rheem Triton® is built for intelligence, efficiency and durability. For commercial applications, it’s the solution that brings the latest in smart technology and eliminates business downtime. With the addition of Rheem Triton Super Duty (SD), larger businesses can rely on a water heater that provides maximum hot water delivery.

Higher Capacity for Larger Commercial Applications

The new high-efficiency model with a 119-gallon capacity and 500K BTU/h introduces distinctive features designed to increase hot water volume without sacrificing performance or durability. Commercial applications like restaurants, hotels, multifamily developments and senior living facilities can benefit from having a Triton Super Duty capable of providing maximum hot water delivery and keeping their businesses up and running.

Built-in Smart Technology Brings Control and Eliminates Downtime

Built-in premium features bring the ultimate in business protection. The EcoNet® smart monitoring technology provides business owners with performance updates via mobile device, and the integrated BACnet (MS/TP) port easily connects to building management systems (BMS) for additional monitoring capabilities. Triton Super Duty also offers LeakGuard™, the most accurate, all-inclusive leak detection and prevention system with a proprietary auto shut-off valve that limits leakage to no more than 24 ounces of water1 and eliminates business downtime (premium model).

Easy Installation and Universal Retrofits

Rheem Triton Super Duty design facilitates the replacement of any commercial water heater. It has multiple water connections (top, front x2 and back x2) and offers various flex venting options, making the new unit an ideal solution for faster installation and service.

Unmatched Durability

Built to last five years longer than the industry average, the new model features a larger patented Triple-Pass Heat Exchanger constructed of ASME-grade steel to minimize rust and corrosion. Also, it includes a built-in condensate neutralizer and advanced power anodes that extend the unit’s life, and the premium model is backed by a 5-year warranty.

Influenced by Plumbers, Perfected by Rheem

Guided and influenced by plumbers, Triton Super Duty is a major advancement for larger businesses requiring greater hot water demand and a highly efficient, intelligent, versatile, and durable water heater capable of preventing problems before they occur.

1Source: Rheem® Leak-Sensing Data Review; testing under a vacuum using a 50-gallon, no-expansion tank with average tank pressure of 50 PSI.

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