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Evolution of Rheem HotWave Heated Hose Sprayer

September 18, 2023
Evolution of Rheem HotWave Heated Hose Sprayer

Rheem® HotWave® is the game-changer for all your outdoor cleaning needs. Let’s rewind a bit and tell you the story of how this innovative product came to be. It all started with a sketch.
HotWave sketch
Cute dog, huh?

Rheem HotWave heated hose sprayerCrowdfunding Gave Insight and Support

We posted the product on a couple of crowdfunding sites to find out if people were interested in a heated hose sprayer. We wanted them to start getting excited about what they could use it for. Everything from dog washing to car washing came up. We also had some people who wanted to wash horses and others who knew it would be awesome for their outdoor gear.

We engaged with end users to learn more on how they use this product in their day to day lives and gathered this voice of customer to refine the prototype.

Rheem HotWave dog washingRolling out into the Market

It was time! We made HotWave widely available and put it into the hands of those who would use it daily.

Whether you’re a dog lover, car aficionado, outdoor adventurer or backyard buff, think of all the cleaning you can do with heated water outdoors.

HotWave outdoor cleaningYour HotWave Is Ready

Now, you can get HotWave. You can grab yours on online from Rheem/Eemax, The Home Depot, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond and Wayfair.

Imagine all the things you can wash with the power of heated water. It makes cleaning easier, and you will keep thinking of new ways to use it.

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