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A Smart Home Includes Your Water Heater

November 9, 2021
smart home

These days, you can control many devices and appliances in your home from a smart phone. You can control your light bulbs, even the color of the light. You can lock your doors after you’ve left the house, adjust the thermostat, change the TV channel and much more. Installing a smart water heater is another way to reduce energy usage, increase your comfort and give you peace of mind.

appReducing Energy Usage Saves Money

You wouldn’t leave the lights on when you leave the house, so why would you leave a major appliance running. Once you connect your Rheem® smart water heater to the EcoNet® app, you can use your mobile device to create a schedule and change the operating mode. The EcoNet app also displays energy reports allowing the homeowner to compare daily, monthly and yearly usage. With smart control you can optimize your water heater to save energy and money.

Increase Your Comfort

The EcoNet app easily adjusts your water heater to meet your daily needs. Set the water temperature and turn on the recirculation pump for instant hot water. Never worry about a cold shower again. Before hopping into the shower, check the hot water availability, all from your mobile device. Some water heaters can be controlled via select smart home assistants.

Smart Equals Peace of Mind

No one wants to be caught off guard by a water heater leak or maintenance. If your smart water heater with LeakSense™ ever has a leak, the EcoNet app will notify you via an alert on your phone. Products with LeakGuard™ give you added peace of mind with a leak detection and prevention system that limits leaks and stops potential home damage. Additionally, the app simplifies maintenance through alerts, reminders and easy connection to your contractor.

Which Water Heaters Are Smart?

Select Rheem water heaters can connect to the EcoNet app either via built-in WiFi or additional components. These include Smart Electric, ProTerra™ Hybrid Electric Heat Pumps, Tankless gas water heaters (2010 or newer) and Power Damper models. Determine which water heater is right for your household by consulting your plumber or contractor. Find a pro now.

Isn’t it time to take control of your water heater?

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