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Back to School Means Back to a Busy Night Routine

August 23, 2021
back to school

With kids going back to school, anything we can do to make our night routine easier is definitely welcome. Between sports games, dance lessons, homework, dinner and bath time, you’re surely hoping to find ways to bring some ease. With everyone needing to shower to get ready for bed, use the smart features on your water heater to make sure everyone has a hot shower.

Avoid a Cold Shower with the App

No one wants a cold shower. Wouldn’t it be nice to know in advance if there’s enough hot water left for a hot shower? You can find out in the Rheem® EcoNet® app. The hot water availability indicator lets you know how much hot water is ready to use. This gives you the power to fit in more play time, help the kids finish up their homework or pack lunches, and you’ll know when to start the next shower.

Which Water Heaters Can Help with Your Night Routine

Currently, there are two smart water heaters we offer – Smart Electric and ProTerra™ Hybrid Electric. They both give you the ability to ensure a hot shower so you can plan your night. The app will let you know how much hot water is left for showers, dishes, laundry, etc. You can get things done in the meantime, and everyone can enjoy a hot, relaxing shower or bath to end their day. This makes getting to bedtime easier.

backpackA Smart Water Heater Can Bring Ease to Your Morning Routine Too

In the morning, getting ready for work and school can be hectic and families demand more hot water. Running out of hot water is uncomfortable and a hassle.

ProTerra has five smart operating modes allowing you to program your water heater to meet household hot water needs throughout the day. And, ProTerra makes it easy to adjust operating modes from anywhere on your mobile device with the EcoNet app.

When demand is high, you can activate High Demand Mode to deliver more hot water. Then, change to Energy Saving Mode while hot water usage is lower.

Now you can get everyone ready for school and work without worrying about running out of hot water. That’s smart!

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