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5 Things to Do Before You Call a Plumber

December 15, 2022
before you call a plumber

Most people probably don’t have some key information about their water heater memorized. This will take you through a quick exercise to get you ready to contact a plumber.

1. Find out the age of your water heater

This is easy to find on the label of your water heater, but it’s different for each brand. On a Rheem® water heater, you can find the week and year of manufacture by looking at the first few digits of the serial number. Knowing how old it is will help determine what needs to be done to keep it running.

2. See how much time is left on your warranty

If there is anything wrong with your water heater, knowing how much time is left on the warranty can save you money on repairs. If you have a Rheem product, look it up and you’ll be ready.

3. Think through your water heating needs

Does your family have enough hot water, or do you run out a lot? Maybe it’s time for a larger tank, tankless, water heater booster or highly efficient water heater that can deliver more hot water.

4. Figure out what’s important to you in your next water heater

Are you looking to replace your water heater with a more efficient model that will reduce your carbon footprint and save you money on utility bills? Do you want one with smart features connected to the EcoNet® app? Is the continuous hot water that you can get with a tankless important to you?

plumber5. Search for a plumber in your area on Find a Pro

Finding a plumber is easy if you have a searchable database with contact information, reviews and offerings in one place. Our Find a Pro page will help you locate a plumber near you.

Now you’re ready to live in comfort, knowing that your water heater is ready to go.

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