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Two Easy Ways to Get More Hot Water

April 14, 2022
get more hot water

You can focus on comfort when you know that you have enough hot water to navigate your way through your days. If you’re running out of hot water a little before you’d like to these days, our master plumber and trainer, Mike Henry, has prepared a couple options for you to consider.

water heater boosterWater Heater Booster

This helper is Mike’s favorite way for homeowners to increase their hot water output. A water heater booster is a powerhouse add-on for your current water heater that makes a big difference. It doesn’t need an additional power source and it essentially creates the extra hot water you need during high demand.

It could be for a string of showers or a time when baths, laundry and dishes all need to happen at the same time. It gives you that extra boost you need to get through times when demand is higher than normal.

Mixing Valve Option

Another way to get more hot water is to add a mixing valve to your standard electric or gas tank water heater. A mixing valve is a mechanical device that mixes cold and hot water.

It takes very hot water and mixes it with cold water. It creates hot water that is at the temperature you set. It stretches your hot water further. Note that you should get it cleaned regularly and test water temperature periodically to make sure that it’s not higher than it should be.

Notes from an Expert

The Water Heater Booster option above is better for the long-term health of your water heater than simply turning up the temperature and then tempering it back down to safe level. A higher temperature in the tank can lead to faster corrosion, decreased efficiency and burn risks. It important to consult with your plumber about the best option for you. Read his full, detailed description of water heater boosters and mixing valves for details about each option.

Next Steps to More Hot Water

It’s quite simple. Find a pro and let them know you’re looking to increase your hot water output with a water heater booster or mixing valve. A plumber will be able to help you either way.

Mike Henry is one of Rheem’s technical trainers for plumbers. He’s a third-generation plumber who managed his own business for many years and enjoyed working in the field. He maintains his Master Plumber licenses in Georgia and Florida.

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