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Guide to Using the EcoNet App to Save Money with Your Smart Water Heater

March 10, 2022
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Your hot water is there for you every day. It provides the hot water you need for showers, cleaning, dishes, hand washing, baths and laundry. Being able to control and monitor it while you’re navigating your day is a luxury you’ll enjoy with our smart water heaters.

hot water availability app screenAvoid Cold Showers

We’ve all been there. You go to take a shower, turn on the water and it’s COLD. All you want is a nice, relaxing, HOT shower. Our EcoNet® app can help. The Hot Water Availability Indicator is on the same screen as the temperature setting screen.

There is a green symbol that shows how much hot water is left. Now, you don’t have to play the guessing game on when to take your shower. Get a few more things done and get up and shower when the HOT water is waiting for you.

track energy usage app screenTrack Energy Usage

You can keep tabs on your energy usage daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. This will help you track energy savings and help you monitor your energy consumption.

You can keep tabs on when you’re using the most hot water and fully take advantage of the next feature: scheduling. It takes tracking to the next level and leads to savings.

scheduling app screenSchedule for Savings

You may have chosen a smart water heater to save money or energy. The app makes it easy to maximize your savings. You can check with your utility provider to find out when the peak and off-peak hours are. Electricity prices can vary based on season and time of day.

This is where it gets fun. Take a look at your usage from the above section and line that up with peak and off-peak hours. Now, you can schedule your water heater accordingly. You may be able to save money by having your water temperature lower at times of day when the electricity rates are higher.

vacation mode app screenUse Vacation Mode

When you’re preparing to go on vacation, you likely have a lot do to prepare. Your water heater works hard for you every day and provides you with hot water as you take care of last-minute cleaning and laundry. You can save money by putting your water heater on vacation mode when you’re away.

Don’t worry if you forget to set it to vacation mode before you leave the house. You can change the mode on our smart water heater even after you’ve left the house and are out enjoying your vacation.

Savings Summary

Use your smart water heater to your advantage by being able to check to see when a hot, relaxing shower is ready for you, knowing how much energy your water heater is using, scheduling around peak electricity hours and giving your water heater a break when you’re on vacation. Find out more about products that have these features such as Rheem® ProTerra™ Hybrid Electric Water Heater and Rheem® Smart Electric Water Heater.

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