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Bringing You Rheem Heat Pump Water Heater Options

November 3, 2022
rheem heat pump water heaters

Rheem® recently expanded our heat pump water heater (HPWH) offerings to include more residential and commercial models. These heat pump water heaters are designed to be smart, sustainable and easy to install without compromising performance. By drawing heat from the air around them, heat pump water heaters save energy and energy costs while reducing impact on the environment. Rheem is proud to offer the most efficient1 and advanced water heating solutions available on the market.

The Expanded Heat Pump Selection

With the addition of three new heat pump water heater models within the last year, Rheem now offers a heat pump solution for everyone, from homeowners to businesses looking for reduced energy costs and an environmentally friendly solution.
rheem heat pump water heaters

Residential HPWH

Residential heat pump options now include 120-volt and 240-volt models, perfect for both gas and electric water heater replacements.

The award-winning Rheem ProTerra® Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater is designed to replace standard 240-volt electric water heaters. The Hybrid Electric uses heat pump technology with back-up electric elements and can function like a standard electric water heater when the air temperature is very cold. This technology makes the Hybrid Electric the most efficient and versatile water heater on the market1, saving homeowners up to $491 a year on energy costs. Plus, premium models are packed with features like built-in EcoNet® with Wi-Fi and LeakGuard™ leak prevention and detection, and they are demand response ready.

Rheem recently launched two new 120-volt heat pump models, the ProTerra Plug-in Heat Pump Water Heater (dedicated circuit) and the ProTerra Plug-in Water Heater with Hydroboost™ (shared circuit). Both Plug-ins are specifically designed to easily replace standard gas water heaters. The Plug-in installs are quick and easy with little to no electrical work and no venting or gas line requirements. The premium ProTerra Plug-in Water Heater with Hydroboost also includes EcoNet Wi-Fi and LeakGuard leak prevention and detection, and it is demand response ready.

Commercial HPWH

Rheem introduced the Commercial Heat Pump Split System to the US market in 2021, which is our proven, energy regulation-compliant system from Australia. Available in stackable models, they are built specifically for large-scale commercial applications where a large amount of potable water is needed at usable temperatures. This includes multi-family housing, student housing, hotels and corporate campuses. The commercial air to water heat pumps are designed to provide hot water efficiently and in accordance with decarbonization and energy requirements.

Rheem also offers Light Duty Commercial Hybrid Electric Water Heater, which easily replaces a standard electric water heater. It’s easy to install and service and has built-in intelligence. This includes built-in Wi-Fi with an option to add LeakGuard and LeakSense™ leak detection and prevention.

When you invest in advanced heat pump solutions from Rheem, you can achieve your decarbonization goals and improve your building efficiency ratings and energy savings.

New Possibilities with Heat Pump Water Heaters

Whether you’re interested in a high efficiency upgrade or improving your building efficiency ratings, the Rheem heat pump options provide flexible, dependable and sustainable solutions for both homes and businesses. Thanks to innovation in heat pump technology, Rheem customers are empowered to drive a more sustainable future with zero tradeoffs in value and comfort.

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1Based on the comparison of 40 and 80-gallon hybrid electric heat pump models to similar models as of August 2022.

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