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4 Ways Rheem’s Ultra Low NOx Water Heaters Help Plumbers and Homeowners

February 17, 2022

Designed with plumbers in mind, Rheem’s new enhanced Ultra Low NOx (ULN) models are a single-trade installation that provide easy serviceability for you and peace of mind for homeowners with integrated safety features and expanded warranty options.

carbon emissionsUltra Low NOx Meets Strict Emissions Regulations

An Ultra Low NOx gas water heater adheres to strict environmental standards and, at the same time, produces the hot water your customer needs. Rheem’s new Ultra Low NOx 75-gallon and 98-gallon products meet 14ng/J NOx requirements, reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions substantially compared to standard water heaters. Increasingly, there are state and municipality regulations to limit NOx emission of gas water heaters, especially in areas of California and Utah.

Easy to serviceSimpler Installation Gets Families Up and Running Faster

Rheem’s new and improved ULN product lineup features more models, so you have access to the right product for the job. Since the models have a cord-free design, they can be installed in more places without the need for a power source nearby. Once you’ve decided on the right unit for the job, getting a unit up and running quickly is the most important thing to your customers. The new units help you do just that.

Plumber-Focused ULN Design Delivers Quick Service

Your customers will be pleased with not only the fast installation but no filter to clean means easier maintenance. The burner assembly is easy to get to for quick removal. There is no need to tilt the tank so you can quickly remove the burner without having to unplumb or disconnect the water heater. The newly launched ULN models have even fewer parts and updated drain valves for quick servicing. The pilot assembly is one service part for easy replacement. The enhanced brass drain valves in the 6-year models and full-flow brass drain valves in the 8-year models make for faster maintenance service for homeowners. It allows for quick and complete draining of the water heater and tank.

Keeps Homes Safe with Rheem’s Advanced Features

Customers will be thankful that you installed a product that takes safety to the next level. The advanced burner system shuts down the unit if flammable vapors are present. Our entire line of ULN models is packed with safety and potentially cost saving features. Key benefits include:

  • Integrated flammable vapor (FV) sensor can save the homeowner from having to replace the entire unit
  • Flame-arrestor plates and screens stop lint, dust and oil (LDO) debris from entering the combustion chamber
  • Built-in safety features for great customer peace of mind

ultra low noxRheem Available Models

Rheem’s new Ultra Low NOx models are packed with features that make them easier to install, service and provide homeowners a reliable and durable solution for years to come. The new 75-gallon and 98-gallon Rheem ULN models can be used in applications up to 10,000 feet above sea level. In addition, these models have side water connections that make it possible to install the unit for space heating situations.

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