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Make Life Easier with the Newest RheemLabs Innovation: Near-Boiling Water on Demand

January 27, 2022
xpresshot near-boiling water

No more waiting for boiling water. We all know a watched pot “never” boils. Now, you don’t have to wait. XpressHot™ provides filtered, near-boiling hot water right out of the tap. When you’re ready for a hot cup of tea or trying to cook some spaghetti noodles in a hurry, it may be just what you need to save time and reduce a little stress.

Feedback from Homeowners Is Key

Rheem’s innovation team,

Top 5 Reasons to Join Plumbers’ Exchange

January 13, 2022
Plumbers' Exchange Facebook group

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Start off the year right, by joining a group designed just for plumbers to talk shop. We’ve created a Facebook community for plumbers which is now 1,620 strong. Here’s why you should join Plumbers’ Exchange:

1. Post questions in the group and get answers from other plumbers

Ever have a burning question that only another plumber would understand? Sure, you can ask a few crew members,