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Make Life Easier with the Newest RheemLabs Innovation: Near-Boiling Water on Demand

January 27, 2022
xpresshot near-boiling water

No more waiting for boiling water. We all know a watched pot “never” boils. Now, you don’t have to wait. XpressHot™ provides filtered, near-boiling hot water right out of the tap. When you’re ready for a hot cup of tea or trying to cook some spaghetti noodles in a hurry, it may be just what you need to save time and reduce a little stress.

soup at sink hot waterFeedback from Homeowners Is Key

Rheem’s innovation team, RheemLabs™, is always thinking of the next new idea that will add value to homeowners’ lives. Right now, we’re finding out if there is a demand for a product like this on Indiegogo. You can take the opportunity to let us know if this is a product you’d like to see on the market from Rheem. You can also be among the first to buy it and enjoy it.

If you’re an early adopter, you can be sure we’re listening. In fact, we already added a brushed nickel finish option in addition to chrome because potential backers said that they wanted it. Our goal with putting this innovation on Indiegogo is to get feedback from people and make changes they’d like to see before launching the product. Buy yours and you can be a part of this.

dishes hot water sinkCooking and Cleaning Power of Near Boiling Water

Think of all the tasks you could use filtered, hot water for on a daily basis. XpressHot could make your life easier in the kitchen every day.

  • Brewing tea or instant coffee
  • Making instant soup or cereal
  • Boiling a pot of pasta or potatoes
  • Sanitizing your kitchen
  • Getting stuck on food off your dishes

Filters are located on the front of the unit and easy to replace. Your unit will come with two filters and you can purchase more filters from RheemLabs by emailing

safety hot water faucet xpresshotBuilt-In Safety Feature Keeps Kids Safe

There are two options for XpressHot, and they both have safety features. For the dispenser, you must press the unlock button each time before you press the hot button. It automatically locks after you release the hot button, and you must press the unlock button again before the hot button will work again. For the faucet version, you must press the lock button for three seconds to keep the hot water flowing. Then, turn it to unlock and hold the hot button down for three seconds to dispense hot water. Both versions are CE tested and utilize lead-free components so they’re safe to use.

Two Options, Both Easy to Install

Installation of XpressHot is quite easy so homeowners can install it themselves. The dispenser replaces the soap dispenser, or it can sit on the counter next to the sink. The integrated faucet replaces the kitchen faucet to provide filtered or non-filtered hot or cold water. Simply attach it to the cold water connection using a tee connector (included in box). Both the dispenser and faucet are connected with a push-to-connect fitting and a small electrical connector. Then, it plugs into a standard wall outlet, but it has to be a dedicated outlet that’s not shared with another items plugged in. More information is available on Indigogo.

Find out more about XpressHot.

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