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Introducing Rheem’s Partnership with Renew Home

May 22, 2024
Introducing Rheem’s Partnership with Renew Home

Rheem® is always looking for ways to help you get the most out of your water heater. We’re proud to introduce our partnership with Renew Home and OhmConnect, a new no-cost program that can help you lower your electric bills and contribute to a stable energy grid. Eligible customers in California and New York can save energy when it’s most expensive and get rewarded automatically all year long for their energy efficiency.

Joining the program is easy. First, connect your smart water heater to the EcoNet® app. You can enroll directly in the app from the Energy & Savings section. Just select OhmConnect and follow the steps in the app. You’ll link your utility account to verify your electricity savings. Once you’ve signed up, you can start earning rewards – available in cash, gift cards and more!

Connecting with Peace of MindRheem EcoNet app

Connecting to this program is worry-free. Your utility information is protected and only used to measure your electricity reductions and improve the service. Easily receive energy-saving alerts via email or text message. During a demand response event (the method used to save energy when needed), OhmConnect will attempt to reduce your water heater energy consumption by changing its mode and its water temperature. This will be done automatically to help you earn watts. There’s no action needed on your part. You always have the option to override the changes during an event if you have a need for more hot water, like when you have company for the holidays. OhmConnect won’t make a change unless it will earn you rewards.

Why Is Demand Response Participation Growing?

Water heaters are the second biggest electricity user in most homes, making up more than 13% of household energy consumption. On top of this, electricity costs are going up everywhere. Did you know electricity rates can more than double from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. on weekdays compared to earlier in the day or on the weekend? To save money on monthly energy bills, it pays to be strategic about when you use that electricity.

From all sides, demand response is a perfect solution. With increasing energy regulations and decarbonization goals driving more demand on electricity, energy managers are focusing on demand response programs for improved grid management to avoid electricity disruptions. These energy managers would rather pay to reduce the demand than fire up inefficient power plants that cost more money to operate. Homeowners are starting to see how much additional savings they’re earning through these programs with almost no impact on their daily lives.

Demand Response Ready Models

Water heaters with smart features make participating in demand response programs seamless. Rheem has the widest breadth of smart, high efficiency, demand response ready products powered by EcoNet technology that allow easy connection over Wi-Fi to partners like OhmConnect who support grid management and provide energy savings. These tank water heaters are insulated to minimize heat loss and can function as a thermal battery storing hot water until you need it. Not only can you save energy by scheduling your water heater to heat up during off-peak hours, but now you can actually get rewarded for it too. It’s a win-win!

Make Sure You Schedule Annual Maintenance

Annual professional maintenance is recommended for your water heater to maintain a comfortable home. Find a professional Rheem plumber or contractor near you:


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