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Connect, Enroll, and Save

Rheem’s Demand Response ready water heaters allow homeowners to save on energy costs while helping utilities manage the electric grid. Models that have smart features make participating in demand response programs seamless. Plus, homeowners can take advantage of utility demand response program incentives and rebates for additional savings.

Rheem Water Heater Hero Image Innovative Efficiency
Rheem Water Heater Hero Image Innovative Efficiency

Save on Energy Bills

Shifting energy usage to off-peak demand times and lower time-of-use (TOU) rates reduces energy bills.

Help Avoid Outages

Reducing energy demand during peak-times prevents emergency service disruptions

Earn with Incentives

Participating in demand response programs lowers utility bills with rebates, credits and special utility rates1

Built-In Wi-Fi

Allows easy connection to the EcoNet® app and demand response programs

  • Download the EcoNet® app on your mobile device.
  • Follow the in-app steps to connect your water heater.

iPhone with EcoNet App
iPhone with EcoNet App

Rheem has partnered with OhmConnect to provide homeowners another way to save money on energy bills. OhmConnect is a free service that rewards homeowners for saving energy with enrolled smart water heaters.

Rheem Water Heater Products
Rheem Water Heater Products

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1 Offered cost saving incentives vary by utility company. Check with your utility to learn the benefits of participating in a demand response program.