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How to Avoid a Cold Shower

December 17, 2020
someone doing laundry

cold showerYou know what it’s like. You’ve been cleaning and washing dishes and doing laundry and just got a few minutes to take a hot shower to relax. You turn on the water and ARGH! it’s cold. What do you do? Suffer through a shockingly cold shower or get out and wait who knows how long until there’s enough hot water.

If you could check how much hot water is available before you get in the shower, wouldn’t you want to know? Well, there is. The Rheem® EcoNet® app has some great features and perhaps the one that will affect your days the most is the Hot Water Availability Indicator.

check hot water availability in the Rheem appHow the Hot Water Availability Indicator Works

Your hot water usage fluctuates throughout the day, and without our smart features you never really know how much is left. At any given time, you may have used a little or a lot. It can really slow you down if you’re always waiting a few extra minutes just to make sure you don’t run out at the wrong time.

The Rheem EcoNet app has a battery-like indicator that shows the amount of hot water left in your tank. Now YOU know how long until there’s enough hot water. You won’t have to wait for hot water when it’s not necessary because you know your hot water is ready to go.

Which Products Have the Indicator?

The Hot Water Availability Indicator is currently available on the Rheem Gladiator™ and Smart Electric Water Heaters, and on the ProTerra® Hybrid Electric Water Heater, and will be available on other new models in the coming months. When you connect a product that has the Hot Water Availability feature to the EcoNet app, you will see the Indicator in the app, on the main temperature screen.

And once your water heater is connected to the EcoNet app, you will also be able to adjust your tank temperature, track energy usage and change the operating mode – right from your phone, wherever you are.

Find out about other smart features on these water heaters.

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