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Plumber Support Manager Profile: Billy Martin

March 31, 2022
plumber support manager

I am a Plumber Support Manager for Rheem WHD responsible for the SE region. I was born and raised in Dallas TX. My father owned and operated a plumbing business and that is where I got introduced to the trade. Every summer, school holidays and a lot of weekends starting in junior high school, I would tag along with my dad to “the shop.” That is how I got my start. I worked in that business until the early 2000’s,

ProPlumber Tools to Grow Your Plumbing Business

March 28, 2022
plumber support

We make it easier for ProPlumbers™ to do business. It’s all about having the right knowledge and resources to best serve your customers. Customers have access to more information online than ever before. Being armed with the knowledge, support and marketing tools is what helps you stand out. ProPlumber resources give you what you need to grow your business.

Dedicated Concierge Line

Faster support is available to ProPlumbers. The express line is a dedicated phone number for Plumber Business Support and Tech Support that you can access with your pin number.

Spring Cleaning for Your Water Heater

March 24, 2022
spring cleaning water heater

Spring has sprung! The sun is shining, the trees are budding and the flowers are starting to bloom. It’s a great time to freshen everything up within the home. The act of spring cleaning comes naturally as we want to create a crisp, blank slate for the warmer months.

It’s a great time to clean floors, declutter closets and air out the house with the fresh spring air. During this time when the great outdoors is starting to warm up,

Guide to Using the EcoNet App to Save Money with Your Smart Water Heater

March 10, 2022
family in kitchen

Your hot water is there for you every day. It provides the hot water you need for showers, cleaning, dishes, hand washing, baths and laundry. Being able to control and monitor it while you’re navigating your day is a luxury you’ll enjoy with our smart water heaters.

Avoid Cold Showers

We’ve all been there. You go to take a shower, turn on the water and it’s COLD. All you want is a nice,