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Depending upon which state or local market you live in, when it’s time to replace your furnace, it’s not just a good idea to replace it with something cleaner—it’s required by law. So Rheem® makes it easy to choose an Ultra-Low NOx (ULN) furnace or super-efficient, super-clean electric heat pump. Our cleaner product portfolio is high in energy efficiency, low in environmental impact and easy on your wallet.

And it’s just another way that Rheem demonstrates its commitment to A Greater Degree of Good.


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Rheem® Classic Plus® Series
ULN Furnace
  • Delivers 80% efficiency4
  • Reduces your home NOx emissions by 65%5
  • Meets California’s stringent low emissions requirements

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Rheem® Classic Plus® Series
Heat Pump
  • Delivers heating efficiencies up to 11.5 HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) and cooling efficiencies up to 18.5 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)
  • Helps reduce energy bills6
  • Offers EcoNet® WiFi connectivity for protection, comfort and energy savings

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Rheem® Prestige® Series Heat Pump
  • Delivers heating efficiencies up to 11 HSPF and cooling efficiencies of at least 20 SEER
  • Reduces your home’s overall greenhouse gas emissions by up to 60%7
  • Dramatically lowers your monthly bills8
  • Offers EcoNet® WiFi connectivity for protection, comfort and energy savings

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Rheem® heating, cooling and water heating products are designed to create comfort without compromise, delivering efficiency and reduced emissions along the way.


Heating & Cooling

Tested. Trusted. Tough.

It isn’t easy building comfort equipment that’s tough enough to perform for homeowners and businesses day after day, year after year—but it’s the only way we’d do it.


Ready to start saving money and the environment?

Put Rheem’s cleaner product portfolio to work in your home today

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