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Meet the Rheem Pro Partners Paving the Way in HVAC

July 31, 2023
Meet the Rheem Pro Partners Paving the Way in HVAC

In early 2022, we announced the start of the Rheem at Work, a new campaign focused on telling the stories behind the passionate, driven and dedicated HVAC contractors all around the country.

Now, over a year into our cross-country trek, we can safely say that we’ve had the pleasure to meet and get to know some of the most hardworking people in the business.

As we continue to uncover the stories of community and partnership that keep our industry going, we’re pleased to introduce some of the many Rheem Pro Partners that showcase all the best parts of working in HVAC.


Boothe’s Heating, Air, Plumbing, Drains & Electrical — Hollywood, Maryland

In Southern Maryland, Wayne Boothe started Boothe’s Heating, Air, Plumbing, Drains & Electrical in 1993 as a part-time job.

“My vision was to build a great business where employees loved to come to work, and with that, our customers just grew us,” says Wayne Boothe, owner of Boothe’s Heating, Air, Plumbing, Drains & Electrical.

Ryan Lumpkin’s, general manager, attributes much of the company’s success to Boothe’s passion. “The culture has made Boothe’s succeed,” he says. “He treats every one of his employees and customers like family.”

“A great day for me is to hear employees say that they bought their first house, had their first child or got married, and they are doing it through this company,” Boothe says. “That’s what it’s all about. We’re in the people business. We just happen to put in heating and air conditioning systems.”


Broadview Heating & Air Conditioning — Broadview Heights, Ohio

The oldest company in Broadview Heights, Broadview Heating & Air Conditioning is a third-generation business that is all about its community. Owner Tom Olecki leads with the same philosophy as his dad, who started the business, with an emphasis on doing things the right way—no shortcuts—to make customers happy.

Olecki, along with his four kids—Kevin, Mark, Julie and Kyle—have also made community service the core of Broadview with monthly outings at the Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank.

“I have no worries at all with my kids continuing on [the business] because they are doing this for grandpa,” he says. “They want to continue the legacy and tradition of what he created.”


Capital Heating, Cooling and Electric — Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

The biggest reason I started the company is because I could never get any good service from an HVAC company,” says Jason Fox, owner of Capital Heating, Cooling and Electric. “After years of frustration, I thought, ‘there’s got to be a better way.’”

That vision of a better HVAC company resulted in Capital’s customer-first approach.

“Every single day, there’s a live person that’s going to take your phone call and help you. We have service technicians that work on the weekends as their normal days because we believe that just because it’s the weekend, you shouldn’t have to pay more money to come to your house,” Fox says. “We’ve been able to make it a better experience for the customer, not only as we’ve grown, but we’ve been able to change the dynamic and continue to look for ways to improve that.”


Cumberland Cooling Inc. — Nashville, Tennessee

When co-owner John Mark Jackson left firefighting to focus on Cumberland Cooling Inc., he instilled what he loved about being a firefighter into his business: taking care of people. It’s one reason why Jackson and co-owner Blake Taylor have kept their business local to East Nashville.

“A big part of Cumberland Cooling is only serving a small area. That helps us take better care of our clients,” Jackson says. “I wanted to keep it very real and establish real relationships and connections. Providing for people, taking good care of them—that’s where Cumberland Cooling’s foundation is.”


Derek Sawyer’s Heating & Air Conditioning — Modesto, California

For Derek Sawyer, a summer job in AC turned into a flourishing business. The owner of Derek Sawyer’s Heating & Air Conditioning starts every morning chatting and joking with his A-team of installers over a cup of coffee—but it wasn’t always that way.

“About eight, nine, 10 years ago, I really wanted to get out of the trade,” Sawyer says. “I was really tired of fighting installers, fighting with service techs. But the last few years, we’ve put a lot of focus on trying to keep and retain everybody we have. I make everything personal with everyone who walks in. We have an amazing team.”

The focus on building a culture around people has made all the difference in his business. “Getting to where we’re at now, you drive home at the end of the day, and you feel really good,” Sawyer says. “There are hard days, but it makes you very thankful—thankful that I somehow stumbled into this business, thankful that I’m able to keep doing it.”


Ferrara’s Air Inc. — Pompano Beach, Florida

Quality work with integrity. That’s the guiding philosophy behind Ferrara’s Air Inc. owner Tony Ferrara.

“He has a huge heart, and that’s what helps keep us going,” says Vanessa Ferrara, owner and Tony’s wife. “Whether it’s the technicians and wanting to see them do the best that they can, or our customers—we’re going to keep going back there until it’s right. That’s what sets us apart. Customers know they are going to get someone who is honest, trustworthy and does a great job.”

“It’s personal. That’s what I want Ferrara’s Air to be when we’re out there servicing,” Tony says. “You can take it as far as you want if you’ve got the heart and humility.”


John C. Flood — Alexandria, Virginia

John C. Flood owner Jim Seltzer leads with a people-first approach—both for the community and employees the community.

“Every quarter, we’ll do a percentage of a department, maybe HVAC service, where we’ll contribute a percentage to Mission 22,” an organization that provides treatment, resources and tools to veterans returning home, he says.

Jake Haislip, director of comfort, says the people-first ethos has put the 70-plus John C. Flood team in a position to truly thrive. “This place is family,” he says. So much so, that Seltzer has had second generation employees come to work for him.

“These people mean the world to me,” Seltzer says. “We wouldn’t be where we are without them.”


WireNut Home Services — Colorado Springs, Colorado

WireNut Home Services owner Trent Urban built his business to be a place where employees are family.

“I love being here at WireNut,” says Amanda Walters, recruiter at WireNut. “The culture that we have here—the people make it a great place to come here every morning. Our leaders are always there, always willing to help you chase your own dream.”

Warren Peacock, people operations manager, agrees. “We want our tradesmen, all of us, to have a good career where we can enrich our lives. And we want to make sure that we’re taking good care of our customers’ homes and keeping them safe and enriching their lives,” he says. “That’s the WireNut way: living our core values and making sure we’re taking care of people.”

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