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6 Benefits of Rheem Whole-Home Solutions

August 30, 2023
6 Benefits of Rheem Whole-Home Solutions

Come extreme heat or snowy winter days, your home’s heating, cooling, and water heating equipment work to keep your home comfortable no matter what. In fact, a comfortable, smart and sustainable home begins with efficient heating, cooling, and water heating equipment.

Although it can be intimidating to buy any new home system, Rheem makes it seamless as a one-stop shop for innovative whole-home solutions across heating, cooling, and water heating.

Here’s how homeowners can leverage the range of Rheem’s product portfolio for comfortable, efficient homes—and leverage them for tax credits and incentives.


How Your Home Systems Work Together

From heating and cooling to water heating, your home requires a variety of working systems to keep it at its most comfortable. If one system is out of sync and not working properly, it can have implications on your total home health. On top of that, if you have systems from various manufacturers, your home may not be as efficient, or as comfortable, as it could be.

That’s where Rheem comes in. Rheem’s whole-home solutions have all of the tools and features to deliver ultimate home performance and maximum comfort.


Benefits of a Connected Whole-Home System

Investing in a connected whole-home system that includes air and water solutions comes with many benefits. Here are just some of the advantages.


1. Improved performance and functionality across all home systems

Although there are many heating, cooling, and water heating solutions on the market, keeping your home system manufacturer consistent helps ensure that your home is working at peak performance with no extra effort from you.

Rheem designs its innovative heating, cooling, and water heating products with next-level innovations to seamlessly achieve optimal home comfort from the inside out.  Leveraging the latest in smart home technology, Rheem’s whole-home solutions are powered by EcoNet®. EcoNet uses innovative sensor technology to connect and manage equipment and streamline its operations.


2. Ability to control all systems from one central place

The EcoNet app stores all of your home systems’ data into one central place. With the EcoNet app, you receive key home management insights so you can adjust comfort and performance of your heating and cooling and water heating equipment as needed.


3. Flexibility to monitor and control all home systems remotely

EcoNet gives ultimate control over your home with smart features that bring a new level of protection, comfort, and convenience. Always on the go or planning time away from home? EcoNet’s scheduling features allow you to set home or water temperature to maximize energy savings while you are away. Access the EcoNet smart app straight from your smartphone wherever you are—down the street or across the world.


4. Increased efficiency

Rheem is committed to innovation. We intentionally develop products with energy efficiency top of mind. For example, the new Endeavor™ Line of heating and cooling equipment is the most energy-efficient and sustainable lineup in Rheem’s history. Meanwhile, the Rheem® ProTerra® family of heat pump water heaters delivers unmatched savings and efficiency.

As part of our A Greater Degree of Good 2025 pledge, we are also working smarter and more sustainably to consume fewer resources and generate less waste across our manufacturing processes. In 2022, we identified 73 energy reduction projects alone.


5. Cost savings

For homeowners, Rheem’s whole-home solutions will help you save money in the long-run. Because not only does Rheem’s HVAC and water heating equipment make your home smarter, but higher energy savings also mean lower energy bills.

Additionally, thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, purchasing high-efficiency air and water heating equipment makes you eligible for certain tax credits and rebates.


6. Better serviceability

If your equipment is ever in need of servicing, maintenance and care alerts are sent straight through the EcoNet smart app. For example, EcoNet will alert you if there is a leak in your water heater to help you avoid any water damage. EcoNet also stores your contractor’s information and shares diagnostic details for quick, painless serviceability.


Learn more about Rheem’s efficient whole-home solutions and how they can help save you money.