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Accelerating Sustainability Policy with Government Affairs

Karen Meyers, Vice President, Government Affairs | June 2022

Global uncertainty abounds as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, increasing inflation, and the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic alter supply chains, uproot lives and foster anxiety over government’s capacity to solve daunting problems.

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Meet Chee Wee Gan, Rheem’s New Sustainability Leader

Rheem’s Sustainability Team | March 2022


Chee Wee Gan, Rheem’s Senior Vice President, Strategy & Sustainability, sat down for a Q&A to share his background and his insights on the company’s sustainability program.

Capturing Our Employees’ Best Ideas Through GoodWorks

August 2021


GoodWorks supports our global sustainability initiative by harnessing the creativity of our employees and offering a mechanism to identify great ideas and then share them across the organization.

Rheem Is Changing the Waste Game

February 2021


The company’s journey toward Zero Waste to Landfill is powered by global changes in culture and innovation.

Attracting and Training a New Generation of Contractors Through Sustainability

February 2021


With a labor shortage reaching crisis levels for our industry, we’re using sustainability to attract and train a new generation.

Rheem Sustainability Featured by American Conservation Coalition

February 2021


When the American Conservation Coalition looked at Rheem’s Sustainability efforts, they liked what they saw.

Sustainability Makes a Real Difference to Rheem Associates

November 2020


Our sustainability efforts are inspiring both prospective and current Rheem® employees.

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