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Water Innovations Water Innovations

Water Innovations

Better Support,
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Doing what we do better. It’s what we strive for, and it’s what motivates us to develop innovative solutions to make plumbers’ jobs a little easier. So, Rheem® is always thinking about new ways to be smarter, faster, simpler and better—from the products we make to the support we provide our partners. That’s why we spend countless hours on research and development to bring the products, features, tools and programs that make the biggest positive impact. What follows are some of our latest innovations designed to do just that.

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It Pays to Be a ProPlumber—and Then Some

With unrivaled value, the new Rheem® ProPlumber Program is the premier water heating loyalty program in the industry. The Program includes the industry’s most expansive scope of benefits that deliver superior value and service to our customers. We don’t believe in being ‘Industry Standard.’
ProPlumber’s foundation is structured around four key areas designed to offer the most benefit:
PARTNERSHIP – Create stronger relationships with plumbers to help you achieve your business goals

  • Save money with an enhanced co-op program
  • Reach more customers with Rheem-funded direct mail campaigns
  • Expand your work truck fleet with vehicle discounts from multiple manufacturers
  • Connect with Rheem-preferred vendors for special discounts on additional services
  • Be first to benefit from new Rheem innovations
Support – Provide unparalleled customer support resources

  • Expedite issues with your concierge hotline
  • Get seen with priority listing on dealer locator
  • Increase your visibility with an enhanced Pro Profile on Rheem’s website
  • Complete more jobs with online appointment booking
  • Gain a competitive edge with Premier Business Coaching
REPUTATION – Empower plumbers to enhance their company’s image, both online and offline

  • Stand out with exclusive ProPlumber badging
  • Build a robust online presence with WebBooster
  • Shine online with ratings & reviews management tools
Rewards – Reward loyal plumbers with special rebates and enhanced points program

  • Get more with enhanced ProClub Rewards on a wider range of Rheem products
  • Earn exclusive CashBack Rebates

You could receive as much as a 4.5X return on your investment—or more.

Visit today.

Rheem does water softeners now. Who knew?

Rheem® is known the world over for water heaters, and now, we’re becoming known for water softeners as well. Introducing Rheem® PREFERRED Series Water Softeners. They feature Rheem Learning Technology, meaning the softener will learn water-usage patterns to optimize salt and water consumption and provide on-demand soft water for the home. And given that using a water softener can save up to 24% in water-heating costs per year—not to mention that roughly 85% of people in North America live in hard water areas—it’s a natural fit for Rheem and our partners.

Why Rheem Water Softeners?

Conserve Salt
Uses up to 40% less salt than traditional water softeners1

Conserve Water
Cycles less and uses less than $10 of water per year2

Save on Electricity
Uses less than $5 per year in electricity costs2

Download the brochure below or click here to learn more.

1Based on manufacturer’s internal laboratory testing of timer-based vs demand-based units. 2Based on manufacturer’s internal laboratory testing

Get the Parts You Need—Fast

By popular demand, we’ve expanded our Rheem® Parts Xpress program to 16 markets and growing. Because after all, when your customers don’t have hot water, they don’t want to wait. With Parts Xpress, they don’t have to. When ordering parts for warranty repairs, you can get most common parts in as little as two hours3—without the trip to your distributor (or waiting for a part to be overnighted). You get happier customers and more repairs done on time.
  • Go to to see if you are in the current Parts Xpress service area
  • To place an order or get more information, call Rheem Customer Service at 1.800.432.8373.
  • If your area is not served by Rheem Parts Xpress, you can sign up to receive notifications when it becomes available in your area.

Water Heater Training, by
Plumbers for Plumbers

Rheem is the only water heater manufacturer with a team of trainers who are all Master Plumbers who have also operated their own plumbing business. With over 300 years of combined plumbing experience among them, our Master Plumbers not only know Rheem and Ruud products inside and out, but they also “speak plumber” and understand the specific challenges presented by various product applications.

As part of the Plumber to Plumber, or “P2P” initiative, Rheem Master Plumbers host weekly online, instructor-led training sessions to plumbers and installers to increase their knowledge and proficiency. Training will cover hybrid heat pump water heaters, gas tankless water heaters and Rheem’s specialty water heating products. Regardless of the subject, every class is taught by a master plumber.

In addition to our weekly sessions, we also offer customized training on specific topics you request, or we can set up a time that works better for you and your team.

See the weekly schedule.

Email to schedule custom training.

Virtual Help, Real Solutions

Help Lightning uses merged reality to create a real-time Virtual Interactive Presence. This allows you to visually interact, assist with issues and resolve problems as though you are working side-by-side with a Rheem Tech Support representative.

Merged reality blends together two real-time environments allowing you to interact in a virtual environment with our technical support team. It’s like having our technical analyst on site with you. After calling into Tech Service, we send a link to your smart phone. You simply tap the link, and we can see and share information through the virtual environment.

  • Robust Features – Telestrate, freeze images, use hand gestures, share pictures and even add real objects into the merged reality environment
  • Quick & Accurate Diagnosis – Minimize wait or customer downtime
  • Mobile Environment – Works with iOS and Android devices
Try it the next time you call Tech Support!
1.800.432.8373 (1-800-HEATER 3)

Get Step-by-Step Diagnostic Help

The FixIt applet on the Rheem Contractor App is a decision-making platform that allows plumbers to use the same diagnostic/troubleshooting process that our Technical Service Analysts use. To help diagnose issues, FixIt will:

1 Ask what type of product (Gas, Electric, Hybrid, etc.)
2 Ask what the issue is (no hot water, leaking, making noise, etc.)
3 Identify what the error codes mean (for products that use error codes)
4 Go step by step to help you correctly diagnose the problem
5 Provide suggestions to resolve the issue
Need help diagnosing an issue? Find the applet in the Contractor App today.

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