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Water Innovations Water Innovations
Water Innovations Water Innovations

Water Innovations

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Rheem® is always working to improve the lives of both homeowners and the plumbers who serve them. So we spend countless hours on research and development to bring the products, features, tools and programs that make the biggest positive impact. What follows are some of our latest innovations designed to do just that.

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Rheem® ProTerra Hybrid Electric Water Heater

The most efficient water heater in North America just got more efficient—up to 4.0 UEF. The all-new Rheem ProTerra™ Hybrid Electric Water Heater helps homeowners save up to $490/yr. in energy costs. Plus, it qualifies for top rebates nationwide, typically $250–7501. And we thought of plumbers too, making it easier to install and service. So our all-new Hybrid is still the best choice in water heaters for nearly any home.

Key Features

  • Widest Selection – Four sizes—40-, 50-, 65- and 80-gallon capacities—ensure a replacement for any existing standard tank
  • Highest Efficiencies – Up to 4.00 UEF for the highest water heating energy cost savings available
  • Quick Payback – In as little as two years
  • LeakGuard™ – Integrated leak detection and prevention system with factory installed auto water shut-off valve limits leaks to no more than 20 ounces of water2
  • Avoid Cold Showers – Hot Water Availability feature in EcoNet® app lets you know how much hot water is available in the tank
  • Grid-enabled – Connect to the grid without any additional costs
  • Built-in WiFi Technology – Most advanced Hybrid with valuable alerts and easy setup from anywhere with your smartphone
  • Quietest Operation – Industry’s lowest sound levels for operation that’s just above a whisper
  • Small Space Compatible – Zero clearance requirement and duct compatible for installation in confined spaces

New Features

Even the best products can be just a little bit better, so we explore ideas that ensure the leading water heaters on the market keep leading. These features give some of the smartest water heaters on the market an extra level of genius.

LeakGuard™ Auto Water Shut-off Valve

The LeakGuard integrated leak detection and prevention system with factory installed auto water shut-off valve limits leaks to no more than 20 ounces of water2.

LeakGuard is available on Triton®, Gladiator™ and the all-new Rheem ProTerra Hybrid with LeakGuard–with more models coming soon.

Hot Water Availability

Using advanced sensor technology, homeowners can check how much hot water is available before they jump in the shower. They simply open the EcoNet® App, and the water heater’s homepage will show how much hot water is in the tank via an icon that looks like a battery.

Download our features flyer for more information. Hot Water Availability is currently enabled on Gladiator™ and Hybrid water heaters.

Rheem Parts Xpress

The fact is that service parts are not always stocked at all plumbing distributors, and so they often have to be shipped overnight, resulting in the homeowner being without hot water. The first manufacturer in the industry to offer same-day delivery of service parts, Rheem gets the parts you need delivered right away, right to the job site.

With Rheem Parts Xpress, you can get most common service parts quickly, without time-consuming trips to a distributor. You simply order parts through Rheem Customer Service, and you can track the order in real-time as the driver brings it your way, typically in as little as two hours.

The program is already active in Atlanta, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Northern California (SF Bay Area) and Las Vegas3. Rheem Parts Xpress will launch in additional markets in 2020.

Download the flyer below, or call 800-432-8373 to place your order now.

New Tools For Plumbers

Rheem is here for plumbers—always. So we’re always looking for enhancements that make plumbers jobs’ easier. Here are just a few of the many tools and tricks we’ve been working on lately.

Pro Profile Pages

Our Find a Pro page is a great resource that potential customers can use to connect with you. And we just made it even better. In addition to hours and other details, your existing listing can now be enhanced with images/videos of your team, your offices or even your latest installations. It features detailed reviews and ratings from previous customers so that potential new customers can know that you’re a professional, knowledgeable partner in their comfort. Plus, they can book an appointment right from the page.



If a plumber runs into an issue in the field, RealSupport enables person-to-person video call support with AR (augmented reality) capabilities that allows drawing on screen that stays in place in the real world. So, a plumber in the field can call another plumber, the support person at his office or even a distributor technical rep to help troubleshoot an installation or service issue.

RealSupport uses the latest mobile technology and capability with a simple and easy-to-use interface.

The RealSupport feature allows plumbers to get help quickly without having to roll a second truck. Instead of describing the setup and the problem, they can show it using their camera. On-screen drawing pinpoints areas in question and recommended actions to help resolve the issue quickly and accurately.

Key Features:

  • Audio, Video and on-screen drawing to quickly solve problems
  • Get eyes on a problem remotely and avoid dispatching a second plumber
  • Drawings stay where you drew them, so as you move the camera, you can troubleshoot in a new area without losing previous on-screen annotations
  • Add a third person to call for additional help

EcoNet Diagnostic Mode

Even if the homeowner never activated their EcoNet®—or doesn’t have WiFi—EcoNet Diagnostic Mode allows a plumber to connect to the water heater’s WiFi module during a service call and view the unit’s alarm/alert history. Within product information screen in the Rheem Contractor App, simply scan the water heater’s barcode or enter its serial number. For security, this feature must be used on site, as it requires proximity to the water heater.

EcoNet Diagnostic Mode allows the plumber to access a water heater’s alarm/alert history without having to install the EcoNet consumer app or use the customer’s phone to view alarm/alert history. The result is shorter service calls with less time needed to diagnose issues before resolving them—and ultimately, happier customers.

Currently available on the Rheem Gladiator™ and the all-new ProTerra Hybrid water heaters, EcoNet Diagnostic Mode will be enabled on future EcoNet connected water heaters.

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