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YouTube Videos Made for Plumbers

December 13, 2021
rheem water heater training youtube channel

If you’re looking for information about Rheem® products, servicing units and how-tos, look no further than our YouTube channel. The Rheem Water Heater Training YouTube channel already has 18 videos with a total of 2,300 hours of watch time, and we’re adding more videos all the time.

Content from the Experts

Our trainers star in these videos and they have extensive experience as plumbers from before they joined Rheem. Mike, Pierce, Glenn and David are ready to help and always creating new, valuable videos for plumbers.

First Things First: What Videos Would You Like to See?

Only plumbers who are out there in the field every day know what videos would be most useful. With that in mind, we hope that you email us a few topics that you’d like to see. We’re always open to suggestions and want to make sure that we spend time creating videos that will be useful to you. Email us at to add to our growing list of video ideas.

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Top 3 Videos


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