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What You Need to Know About ENERGY STAR 5.0

April 13, 2023
Rheem and ENERGY STAR 5.0

New ENERGY STAR® 5.0 performance requirements for residential water heater certification will become effective April 18, 2023. We’re making it easy for you to know which Rheem® water heaters are ENERGY STAR certified.

What’s Included in ENERGY STAR 5.0

The ENERGY STAR 5.0 requirements mirror finalized CEE (Consortium for Energy Efficiency) highest product category tiering and also qualify for the expanded 25C federal tax credit.

Heat Pump Water Heater Category Qualifying UEF Based on Highest CEE Tier
240V 30 & 15 Amp Hybrid Electric Heat Pump ≥ 3.3
All 120V 15 Amp Plug-in Heat Pump Models ≥ 2.20
High Efficiency Gas Water Heater Category Qualifying UEF Based on Highest CEE Tier
Gas-Fired Tankless Rheem IKONIC™ SR/S-Series ≥ .95
Gas-Fired Storage Maximus™ Super High Efficiency Gas Models ≥ .86

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Gas water heaters meeting ENERGY STAR 5.0 specification can save between $19 and $88 per year of average use, depending on the water heater type and capacity. If all gas water heaters sold in the U.S. met these criteria, the energy cost savings would grow to $28 billion per year, and 55 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions would be prevented.

Rheem Water Heaters That Are ENERGY STAR Certified

For making energy efficient choices, we’ve gathered a list of Rheem water heaters that are covered by ENERGY STAR 5.0.

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