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Triton is the Water Heating Powerhouse for Businesses

October 27, 2022
hotel lobby

Businesses depend on essential functions to stay up and running and to provide the best customer service. For many businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, gyms and laundromats, hot water is vital to daily operations. They need a powerful, durable water heating solution that eliminates down time and emergencies.

Rheem® Triton® high-efficiency gas water heater is the behind-the-scenes powerhouse that meets the daily hot water demands of any business while offering intelligent features that keep business running. Because Triton is faster and easier to install and service, it’s the perfect solution for both replacement and new construction.

Eliminate Business Disruptions

Triton is equipped with the industry’s most advanced and accurate leak detection and prevention system. LeakGuard™ prevents problems before they occur with leak detection and a proprietary auto shut-off valve capable of limiting leakage to no more than 24 ounces of water1. Real-time leak alerts are sent to your smartphone via the EcoNet® app.

Rheem Triton commercial gas tank water heaterEasy Retrofit

This unit is versatile. It has universal retrofit, multiple water connections and flexible venting options needed to replace any water heater on the market.

  • Multiple water connections: inlet and outlet points on top, back and front of the unit to simplify installation
  • Variety of flexible venting options including Polypropylene, PVC, CPVC, flex venting and ABS

Top of the Line Efficiency

Triton provides up to 98% thermal efficiency. The unit maximizes energy savings by optimizing energy input for specific water heating demands. Owners can take advantage of scheduling capabilities and heat water only during peak operating hours when their businesses need it most. The EcoNet smart monitoring technology app monitors the performance of the water heater and delivers reports on energy and water usage.

Built to Last

Triton’s design was guided by plumbers to be the most durable solution available. This smart water heater lasts an average of five years longer than the industry standard for commercial gas water heaters. Its power anodes provide anode health monitoring, and the patented heat exchanger minimizes corrosion and extends the unit’s life. With a built-in condensate neutralizer, Triton reduces water acidity for safe drainage at no additional cost.

The Ideal Solution

For many businesses, selecting the right water heating solution is a good investment. Triton provides premium features, high-efficiency performance and unmatched durability. Hotels, restaurants, gyms and laundromats can now depend on Triton to keep their business up and running.

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1 Applies to SS models only. Rheem leak-sensing data: testing under a vacuum lock using a 50-gallon tank, no expansion tank, average tank pressure of 40 psi, assuming no additional faucets are opened.