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Training Options Give Plumbers Multiple Ways to Fit in Learning with Rheem

December 15, 2021
training options

There are a variety of training types available to plumbers that make it easier to make training a priority. The more ways we can make Rheem training accessible to plumbers the better. So, here’s a roundup of everything that’s available.

Reopened Innovation Learning Centers (ILCs)

We opened our ILC doors up again for in-person training in September 2021. We know that many plumbers prefer an in-person experience, and we are glad to be back after our ILCs were closed since mid-March 2020 due to the pandemic. Now, it’s an option for plumbers who want to train in person.

plumber trainingPlumber to Plumber (P2P) Courses from Master Plumbers

Our new P2P training program launched in January 2021 with a master plumber teaching every course. There’s nothing better than learning from someone who has extensive experience in the field.

Short Videos Ready to Play on YouTube Channel

The Rheem® Water Heater Training YouTube channel was created in March 2021 to help plumbers with quick videos about service, products, how-to, technology and best practices. Subscribe and hit the notification bell so you don’t miss a new video.

Online Training When You Have Time

Even with the options above, sometimes you just want to fit in a little more training right from home. We have a Rheem Anytime E-Learning on-demand webinar library just for that purpose. Our trainers record webinars that you can watch anytime, from anywhere.

Live Streamed Training

On occasion, we’ve live streamed training from our ILC in Roswell, GA. We’re always coming up with new ways to bring valuable training to plumbers.

Always Know What’s Happening

We’ve trained over 31,000 so far in 2021 and are looking forward to even more in 2022. Bookmark the page to access the monthly training calendar. Email with any questions. Stay tuned to our social media channels below to know when events are coming up.

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