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Top 5 Things Homeowners Love About Maximus

September 14, 2023
Top 5 Things Homeowners Love About Maximus

Introducing the Rheem® Maximus™ Super High Efficiency Gas Water Heater – the smart and sustainable choice for a high-efficiency water heater. Discover why it takes your water heating experience to the max!

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1. Not Running Out of Hot Water

Maximus heats water up to two times faster than a standard gas water heater. No one wants to wait for hot water to be ready…or get stuck with a cold shower. In most homes, it heats water faster than you can use it.

2. Energy Cost Savings

It’s up to 55% more efficient than a standard gas water heater, so this equals savings. Energy use reduction of up to 36% is substantial and estimated savings are up to $1,110 over 12 years.

3. Tax Credits

The potential money coming back with tax credits put more money back in your pocket. We have gathered all the incentives in one place to help you take advantage of all the opportunities.

4. More Hot Water with MaxMode

With its already high output, Maximus has another feature that gives you a boost in very high demand times like when you have guests in the house. MaxMode™ gives you up to 15% more hot water.

5. Smart Control with Built-in Wi-Fi (EcoNet App)

Always know there is enough hot water right in the EcoNet® app. Change to vacation mode when needed. Set a schedule and track energy usage. Have full peace of mind with 360° LeakSense™ water detection and available add-on LeakGuard™ that turns off the water heater in the event of a leak.

Recap: There’s a lot to love about Rheem Maximus.

Make Sure You Schedule Annual Maintenance

Annual professional maintenance is recommended for your water heater to maintain a comfortable home. Find a professional Rheem plumber or contractor near you:


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