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TECH Clean California Contractor Incentives

November 3, 2023
TECH Clean California Contractor Incentives

Heat pumps are key to decarbonizing buildings and achieving California’s zero-carbon goals. TECH Clean California is a state taxpayer-funded initiative designed to accelerate both heat pump water heater (HPWH) adoption and demand response program enrollment by offering contractors significant rebates on qualified heat pump water heater installations. The single-family incentives are available as of October 31, 2023. Low income and multifamily incentives will be available at a future date.

Enrolled contractors who replace a gas/electric water heater with a Rheem® HPWH can earn incentives per installation up to $5,800.*

In addition to TECH Clean incentives, all Rheem HPWHs qualify for homeowner federal tax credits, 30% of the project cost up to $2,000 and local utility rebates. These incentives add up to remove any cost barriers associated with installing this super high efficiency water heating technology.

TECH Clean California Flyer

Contractors Enroll Today

TECH Clean California

1. Fill out the online enrollment form and be sure to select “Yes” for “Would you like to apply for TECH Clean California?” and check the box for “TECH Heat Pump Water Heating.”

2. You will then be contacted by program staff to complete enrollment.

3. Once enrolled, you’ll receive a username and password to the incentive application submission portal at

Tech-Approved Manufacturer HPWH Trainings

Installers must take at least one of the following trainings before installing TECH-incentivized HPWH projects:

• A state-certified apprenticeship program
• TECH & ESMAC training
• Manufacturer-specific trainings

Rheem offers approved manufacturer training in-person and through online webinars. Please click the contact below for a pre-populated email to schedule personalized TECH Clean California HPWH training: For more program information, access the TECH Contractor Knowledge Base.

Plumbing contractor with heat pump water heaterFind Enrolled Contractors

TECH Clean CA certified contractors are pre-approved to claim incentives on HPWH installations. 100% of the contractor incentives are passed to the customer either as an instant discount deducted from the total project cost at the time of customer payment or in the form of a check or other payment method after the contractor receives the incentive. Eligible California customers must be on a time-of-use rate and enrolled in a demand response program with their utility company to receive the incentives. Homeowners can find TECH Clean California certified contractors through the Switch Is On website.

*$5,800 total incentives include $3,800 gas/electric water heater to HPWH replacement plus $2,000 for an electrical panel upgrade.

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