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Small Footprint, Powerful Output with Induced Draft

August 11, 2020

You may not know what an induced draft water heater is, but you’re about to learn that it brings more hot water with a smaller footprint. The Rheem® Professional™ Classic Plus® Induced Draft saves space and has high output for your hot water needs.

Rheem induced draftPacks a Punch

This small water heater produces more hot water than most 40- and 50-gallon models. It’s perfect for 3-5 person households or homes with 2 bathrooms. Some homes may have a small space for a water heater or only closet space for it. It’s lightweight and has a narrow, 17-3/4″ diameter.

As far as output, this water heater has a first hour delivery of 93. First hour delivery is the amount of hot water a completely heated water heater can deliver in the first hour. This gives an idea of how much the water heater can deliver.

Saves Space and Energy

Not only does it save space, it saves energy with its ENERGY STAR-certified status. Plus, it may qualify for rebates through your local utilities or government. These Energy Guides compare a standard tank to the induced draft product.

energy guide estimated yearly energy cost $208

energy guide estimated yearly energy cost $263

Long-Lasting Design

The warranty lasts longer than standard tanks and can be upgraded to last longer. The premium components are backed by an 8-year warranty on the tank and parts. You can upgrade to an even longer one.

Learn more about induced draft here.

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