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Savings and Efficiency Go Hand in Hand with ENERGY STAR

October 12, 2022
ENERGY STAR Day water heater savings

ENERGY STAR DayRheem® products displaying the blue ENERGY STAR® logo have passed certification for strict energy efficiency testing. ENERGY STAR certification and energy efficiency mean energy cost savings for homeowners. That’s more money in your pocket compared to standard efficiency water heating products.

We’ve collected information about energy savings, sustainability and highly efficient water heaters to celebrate ENERGY STAR Day this year. You’ll learn their perspective on how to save today, save tomorrow and save for good.

energy cost savingsSave Today, Save Tomorrow

Our ENERGY STAR certified products are designed for efficiency. When a water heater uses less energy, it keeps your costs down. Some of our products also qualify for federal or local tax credits, rebates and incentives. As a bonus, energy efficient water heaters reduce carbon footprint and are better for the environment.

According to Jill Vohr, ENERGY STAR communications director, “It’s the collective efforts of EPA and its partners that help all of us save today with rebates and other deals, save tomorrow with energy savings, and save for good – for a healthier planet for all.”

rheem sustainability standoutsRheem’s Sustainability Goals

Rheem is striving to achieve some forward-thinking goals by 2025. Creating products that are as efficient as possible is the way we can contribute to reducing carbon emissions. As part of our sustainability strategy, we have a goal of releasing a line of water heating products by 2025 that together boast a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Currently, we offer a selection of heat pump, electric and condensing gas water heaters that help meet efficiency standards without compromising comfort.

More Ways to Save with ENERGY STAR

We want to draw attention to what ENERGY STAR is doing all year round to provide energy and cost savings.

“We are so appreciative of the support from leading partners, such as Rheem, who are joining us for this important ENERGY STAR Day cause by providing energy savings to those that need it the most,” said Vohr.

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