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Rheem Triton Light Duty Offers an Intelligent, Robust Solution for Small Businesses

July 20, 2023
Rheem Triton Light Duty Offers an Intelligent, Robust Solution for Small Businesses

Hot water keeps many businesses going. From the cafés you frequent to your regular hair salon visits, hot water is essential to keeping any business running smoothly. And now, with the addition of Triton® Light Duty (LD) to the Rheem® Triton family, the most intelligent high-efficiency gas water heaters on the market1, small businesses have a smarter, more robust solution than standard units.

Key Product Features

Guided and influenced by plumbers and perfected by Rheem engineers, Triton Light Duty was developed with small business owners in mind to offer more durability, more hot water per hour and more intelligence. The latest unit, with 50 and 75-gallon capacity, features:

Built-in Intelligence for Early Detection and Prevention – Triton comes with intelligent monitoring and predictive maintenance. This includes EcoNet® exclusive smart technology that provides a suite of systematic monitoring, diagnostics, performance updates and alerts via both mobile device and full-color LCD display. There’s also a built-in BACnet port that easily connects to building management systems (BMS) for additional monitoring capabilities.

Easy Installation and Universal Retrofits – Triton has multiple water connections and flex venting, making it easy to replace any existing model currently installed.

LeakGuard™ – All-inclusive leak detection and prevention system with proprietary auto shut-off valve limits leakage to no more than 24 ounces of water.2

Scheduling Capabilities – Its energy-saving scheduling feature adjusts to heat water only during peak operating hours when businesses need it most.

Unmatched Durability – Triton’s Light Duty patented helical coil heat exchanger design and advanced power anodes improve tank life and performance and lasts an average of five years longer than the industry standard for commercial gas water heaters.

Triton Protection

Water heater issues can have a big impact on a business’s ability to stay up and running. Therefore, detecting and preventing problems before they occur is a game changer. With Triton, you can rest assured that the business you manage is protected.

Rheem Triton Light Duty Small BusinessesWhere You Can Use It

Wondering where to use Triton Light Duty? Here are some types of businesses that may be a good fit:

  • Hair salons
  • Coffee shops
  • Medical offices
  • Work offices
  • Small restaurants
  • Gas stations

1 Based on comparison to similar models as of August 5, 2022. 2 Applies to SS models only. Rheem leak-sensing data: testing under a vacuum lock using a 50-gallon tank, no expansion tank, average tank pressure of 40 psi, assuming no additional faucets are opened.