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Rheem IKONIC Is the New Standard in Tankless Water Heating

August 25, 2022
Rheem IKONIC for water heater

Rheem® IKONIC™ is revolutionizing tankless. Our newest tankless water heater combines super high efficiency with smart technology. The goal is to get continuous hot water on demand and save money during times when you’re not using it. Continuous hot water means families can wash the dishes, load the laundry, cook dinner, bathe the kids and take long hot showers. With the built-in recirculation pump, you can choose when and how you want unlimited hot water. The smart features put homeowners in charge.

save moneySuper High Efficiency Unit Leads to Savings

The Rheem IKONIC SR-Series Condensing Tankless Water Heater with Recirculation is an ENERGY STAR® certified, super high efficiency unit that saves energy, water and money. Since the unit only operates when you need it to, you’ll save about $1,650 over 15 years compared to standard residential 50-gallon tank type model with like fuel type.

The recirculation features can help you save up to an additional 12,000 gallons per year compared to the average water loss of residential water piping.

Local utilities may offer incentives for having this unit installed, and tax credits or rebates may be available. Check with your utility company and state or local government.

Rheem EcoNet app for water heaterSmart Technology Takes It to Another Level

Your tankless Rheem IKONIC unit is another appliance you can add to your smart home products lineup. The Rheem EcoNet® app on your smart phone will be your go to place to:

  • Access recirculation pump programming with 3 setting options: Timer based (performance or energy saving), Custom Schedule and On-Demand
  • Control water temperature setting
  • View gas consumption and water usage data reports
  • Receive maintenance notifications about your water heater
  • Forward service alerts directly to your plumber
  • Change altitude setting

Recirculation Provides Added Benefits

You can customize your unit’s operation anytime to make sure it’s best meeting your needs. Since the unit has built-in recirculation, you’ll enjoy endless hot water. You’ll have continuous hot water without the wait, and you won’t have to waste hot water waiting for it to heat up. In this model, there are three recirculation modes:

  1. Timer Based (Performance or Energy Saver) – pump will cycle on every 15-30 minutes in Performance mode or every 30-60 minutes in Energy Saver mode
  2. Custom Schedule (Operates in Performance During Select Times) – homeowners can set specific times during the day for the pump to turn on
  3. On-Demand – homeowners can activate the unit by setting the pump to ON through the EcoNet app or directly from the unit

Rheem Exclusive Features

The Rheem IKONIC units have features that set them apart and bring added comfort and control to your water heating experience.

  • Hot Start Programming™ – eliminates/minimizes cold water bursts for continuous hot water and keeps the water in a ready state for five minutes between back-to-back usage
  • Overheat Film Wrap – automatically shuts down unit in the event it overheats

Sustainable Design Decreases Carbon Footprint

If you’re interested in a water heater that has less of an impact on the environment, this unit is a Rheem Sustainability Standout. It meets our standards with product attributes like energy efficiency, longevity and CO2 reduction. It reduces up to 65% of NOx emissions for Ultra Low NOx performance, and the best-in-class .96 UEF unit reduces your carbon footprint by up to 36% reduction in energy usage (compared to a standard residential atmospheric 50-gallon tank type model with a .61 UEF).

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