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Rheem EcoNet App – Smart Features for Home Comfort

November 6, 2023
Rheem EcoNet App – Smart Features for Home Comfort

You just installed your new water heater loaded with smart features – now what? Often these smart features go unutilized, but they can make a big difference. Want to save or maximize hot water supply? Adjust your water heater schedule? Going on vacation? No problem. Using built-in Wi-Fi technology, the Rheem® EcoNet® app connects to your smart water heater to alert you of important information, help you address problems before they occur and save on energy costs. You can always monitor your water heater right from your smartphone.
With our app update, we make controlling the water heater from anywhere1 easy. Read on to find out more about the smart features. Let’s keep the hot water flowing!

Walkthrough of Rheem EcoNet Smart Features

Convenient App Overview – When you open the app, a dashboard screen will greet you. You can rely on this for quick status updates on the water heater’s operation mode, compressor health, hot water availability and the unit’s set water temperature. Here, you can see the dashboard for the Rheem ProTerra® Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater, which is one of our smart products.

EcoNet app for water heater

Operation Modes and Scheduling – With one tap, you can adjust your set point and choose from five operation modes: Electric, Heat Pump, High Demand, Away/Vacation and Energy Saver.

Element Health Indicator – Know if an element is declining so you can proactively replace it before it becomes a problem.

LeakGuard Leak Detection and Prevention – Protect your home from potential damage with this all-inclusive leak detection and prevention system2 that detects any leak—large or small, internal or external—in as little as 15 seconds3 limiting leaks to no more than 20 oz. of water.4

EcoNet app screens for water heater

Energy Usage Tracking
– View weekly, monthly and yearly energy usage reports from your phone to help you better manage energy consumption.

EcoNet app screen for water heater

Geofencing – In the app Away settings, set your water heater to change to Away/Vacation mode when you reach a certain distance from your home. This is useful when your whole family is going on vacation or leaving for the day. It changes back to your normal operating mode when you return.

A Future of Comfort, Energy Savings and Peace of Mind

Eliminate the surprise of not having hot water and find the perfect balance between energy savings and hot water availability, all from the EcoNet app.

Make Sure You Schedule Annual Maintenance

Annual professional maintenance is recommended for your water heater to maintain a comfortable home. Find a professional Rheem plumber or contractor near you:


1 Wi-Fi broadband connection and EcoNet app required; notifications are dependent on external factors beyond Rheem’s control. 2 Leak detection and leak prevention built in for Premium Hybrid Electric Heat Pump models only. Leak detection and leak prevention available as accessory for Plus models. Leak detection available as accessory for Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Builder models. Note: Leak detection and leak prevention add-on accessories operate differently than built-in features of Premium models. 3 Applies to Premium models only. Rheem leak-sensing data: Time starts when leak begins and ends when sensor alarm is triggered. 4 Applies to Premium models only. Rheem leak-sensing data: testing under a vacuum lock using 50-gallon tank, no expansion tank, average tank pressure of 40 psi, assuming no additional faucets are opened.

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