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Rheem Contractor App Gives Plumbers Quick Access to Diagnostics

May 24, 2021

When a customer is waiting on you to get their hot water working again, you want to have the tools to quickly assess the situation and fix their water heater. You want to have a speedy way to figure out what’s wrong and save the day as they sit and anxiously await the return of their hot water so they can get on with their day. We know that every minute counts!

Troubleshooting with Speed

We have a Fix It feature in our contractor app that helps plumbers troubleshoot a unit with the same fast diagnostic process that our Technical Service Analysts use. No need for you to take extra steps or manually retrieve information. The app will cover five points:

1. Ask what type of product (Gas, Electric, Hybrid, etc.)
2. Ask what issue is occurring (no hot water, leaking, making noise, etc.)
3. Identify what the error code is (for products that use error codes)
4. Go step by step to help you correctly diagnose the problem
5. Provide suggestions on how to resolve the issue

App Designed Specifically for Plumbers

We have two Rheem® apps. One is for the consumers and the other is just for plumbers/contractors. The plumber/contractor app is where the Fix It feature is located. In order to use the feature, you will need to be in our database of plumbers in MyRheem.

If you’re already in MyRheem, you’re set. If not, make sure to create an account so that you can access the tool. You can sign up for an account (using the ‘Request New Contractor Account’ button and fill out the form). You will be added to our database of plumbers and have access to the Sales and Marketing Support Portal. It’s a powerful, easy-to-use, full-featured portal that provides support for your sales, marketing and training needs.

Download the App

Don’t get slowed down while you’re on the job. Go ahead and download the app so you have it ready to go and familiarize yourself with the app features including Fix It and you’ll be the star of the show next time you get a customer up and running.

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