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Rheem Commercial Application Engineering Team Selects Products for Optimal Water Heating

December 18, 2023
Rheem Commercial Application Engineering Team Selects Products for Optimal Water Heating

Ensuring a reliable and efficient process for accurately sizing and selecting the appropriate water heating equipment for a commercial facility is paramount. This is where Rheem® steps in. Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, our Rheem Commercial Water Application Engineers Consulting Team is your resource for water heating and system design.1

Benefits of Proper Design

When choosing water heating equipment for commercial facilities, numerous design considerations come into play. In almost all applications, cost will be a limiting factor in the design process. A well-designed water heating system efficiently balances cost considerations with the fulfillment of the facility’s hot water requirements. Additional key benefits include increased durability, improved energy efficiency and robust safety of the system. Ultimately, selecting the appropriate water heating equipment will enhance end-user satisfaction through improved product performance and an extended product lifespan.

Engineering and Product Selection Services

No matter what your hot water design needs are, Rheem’s team of experts is ready to ensure you get fast and reliable answers. To further support you, we offer:

  • Personalized sizing selection reports
  • Customized piping diagrams
  • Support on water heater application questions
  • Water heater crossover selections

Rheem family application engineering unitsExpanded Product Coverage

Rheem has broadened its team’s consulting services to now cover a wider array of products and brands. This diversification of services will provide you with the confidence that you are selecting the best product for your application. The expansion now includes the following:

  • Rheem – all gas and electric type water heaters and boilers
  • Raypak® – gas boilers
  • Eemax® – electric tankless
  • IBC® – residential gas boilers

How to Reach the Team

The Rheem Commercial Water Application Engineers Team is ready to assist with sizing and product selection across our portfolio of brands and products. Contact them to work on your next project.

1 Rheem’s application engineering department consists of subject matter experts on Rheem products and any recommendation should be approved by the professional engineer on file.

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