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Rental Property Tips So Your Guests Love Their Stay

May 17, 2023
rheem rental property tips water heater

A great experience leads to return guests and more guests booking due to the good reviews and positive word of mouth. Rheem is here to make sure your guests have the hot water needed during their stay.

rental property bedroomComfort Is Key

Make sure your guests are comfortable. That includes supplying them with toiletries and kitchen utensils to having a clean bathroom and towels. Something that may not be top of mind is their need for hot water.

Guests expect to have hot water in their bath, in the sinks and to clean their laundry. Now imagine your guest’s experience when your rental property’s water heater stops working. Or, if the rental property’s water heater is past its prime and your guests are running out of hot water during their shower! This can decrease your overall guest experience.

rental property living roomRheem Smart Water Heaters Provide Control

Smart water heaters from Rheem® have features that keep you in control of your rental’s hot water. Our water heaters have 24/7 monitoring, usage tracking and element health monitoring with the EcoNet® app.

You’ll always know your water heater is running smoothly. Models featuring LeakSense™ and LeakGuard™ will provide peace of mind.

Here’s a few models with smart features:
Rheem ProTerra Heat Pump Water Heaters
Rheem Smart Electric Water Heater

Save Money When Rental Is Not in Use

Having your water heater running when guests aren’t there wastes both water and energy. However, it may not be feasible to go and turn your heater off between guests. With Away mode, you can control your water heater right from your phone from anywhere. Save money and switch it off when your rental isn’t in use.

Make Sure You Schedule Annual Maintenance

Annual professional maintenance is recommended for your water heater to maintain a comfortable rental property. Find a professional Rheem plumber or contractor near you:
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