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ProPlumber Is Here to Grow Your Plumbing Business

July 19, 2021

An exclusive, premier loyalty program, ProPlumber™ was created to assist professionals with premium benefits to support businesses, motivate teams and boost productivity. ProPlumber goes beyond rewards to deliver premium support to top-performing Rheem® partners. The ProPlumber program is designed to help grow businesses by providing unrivaled value in four key areas:

  • PARTNERSHIP: The experts at Rheem are here to help plumbers achieve their business goals
  • SUPPORT: Our unparalleled customer support resources help plumbers do more business, more efficiently
  • REPUTATION: We deliver the tools plumbers need to boost their company’s image and profile online and offline
  • REWARDS: Plumbers enjoy special rebates and earn valuable rewards through our enhanced points program

TrucksRheem Partnership with ProPlumbers

Our strong partnership helps businesses achieve their goals. Not only will ProPlumbers have special benefits, enhanced co-op advertising funds, and a discount on vehicles to expand their fleet, we also provide plumbers with Rheem-approved vendors offering exclusive savings.

We Support Plumbers Every Day

The ProPlumber program offers unparalleled customer support resources. Increase business visibility and leads on consumer facing websites with an enhanced business profile and priority listing on the Find a Pro search page. Take it a step further with online booking so homeowners can schedule an appointment easily. Additionally, plumbers get a competitive edge with premier business coaching and a dedicated concierge line allowing front-of-the-line access to expedite Plumber Business Support.

LaptopEnhanced Company Reputation for Our ProPlumbers

We empower ProPlumbers to enhance their company’s image, both online and offline. Web-savvy customers search online for everything, including plumbers. The WebSuite™ program makes it easy to enjoy all the benefits of the best presence on the web—but without all the hoops or hassles. Complementary to that, RepBooster™ helps plumbers manage their online reviews and reputation. Stand out with exclusive ProPlumber badging and branding assets for fleet vehicles, websites and gear.

ProPlumbers Earn Rewards and Cash Back

A loyalty program wouldn’t be a loyalty program without rewards. Plumbers earn exclusive rebates and enhanced ProClub rewards with water heater purchases. Once you’re a member, you’ll have access to the reward details.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Let the program speak for itself. Managing a website, creating a marketing campaign, expanding a fleet and training a team can be expensive and time consuming. With ProPlumber, plumbers get the tools to grow their business easily all in one place, so they can focus on what they do best. It’s one smart investment with many returns.

Contact Us for More Information

Find out more by visiting the ProPlumber website. You can also contact the Plumber Support Team at 1-866-339-2388 or email

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