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Plumbers at Rheem: Mike Henry

April 26, 2022
Rheem plumber trainer

Mike Henry joined Rheem nearly 5 years ago after spending over 30 years as a licensed, and then Master, plumber. We have plumbers on our training team because they know the work. They can equip plumbers with the information needed to deliver top-notch work and build lasting relationships with their customers.

Training from Experience

You can’t measure the benefits of learning from someone who’s been in your shoes – or your boots in this case. He loved being a plumber and carries that passion into helping plumbers learn about products and grow their businesses. Plumbers enjoy being a part of his courses because he understands their work. He can ensure that plumbers have the information they need to help customers choose the right water heater for their needs and install and service Rheem units.

Rheem plumber trainerWithout Further Ado, Let’s Hear from Mike

Why did I get into plumbing?

Plumbing was a family trade. My grandfather and father were in the plumbing and septic tank business. I enjoyed seeing what they did and wanted to do the same.

What do I like most about being a plumber?

I spent many years in the commercial construction trade installing plumbing, mechanical and medical gas systems. I enjoyed the satisfaction of a job well-done! Later, I transitioned into residential service plumbing and was always glad to help people get back to normal.

What is my favorite memory of a time I helped my customers?

Some years back, North Georgia had a really hard freeze and many folks experienced frozen/busted pipes. Although I didn’t get much sleep for a few weeks, I was proud of how many customers I was able to help.

What do I like most about being a trainer at Rheem?

I always wanted to continue in the plumbing trade as a teacher or trainer. I would have found it difficult to discuss a product that I didn’t previously support. I had installed Rheem products all throughout my time as a business owner, so coming to work for them was a natural transition for me.

What is my proudest moment as a trainer?

I’m always proud of plumbers just for attending a training, but knowing they learned something new that will make them a better plumber than they were before the training validates my role as a trainer.

What course is your favorite to teach?

Sometimes, the deeper the dive, the better, but my favorite thing to teach is the basics. There are so many new plumbers in the trade, and it’s best to get them started on the right track rather than try to undo bad habits later.

Tell us about a time that a plumber had an ‘aha’ moment in your class.

One of the products we discuss in training is the Water Heater Booster. Because it’s an electric tankless water heater, most plumbers aren’t really sure of its application and its advantage. If I explain it correctly, guys will begin to understand its relevance and the lightbulbs start to go on. Then, they can’t wait to begin installing them.

One more thing…

I’ve always enjoyed teaching, but I also learn something from every training session.

Mike Starring in Rheem YouTube Videos

We launched a Rheem Water Heater Training YouTube channel in March 2021 and Mike has been working hard to write scripts and record videos. It’s a great resource for plumbers to learn more about our products with short videos on product information and how-tos.

Training Team

Our trainers conduct in-person training, develop curriculum, answer plumber and homeowner questions about products, film product informational videos and provide customized training sessions for plumbing companies. We’ve built a team with a cumulative of 350 years of experience as plumbers to make sure that our team can answer questions based on first-hand experience.

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