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Plumbers at Rheem: David Pike

July 22, 2022
Rheem trainer

David Pike brings a wealth of experiences working in different trades. He joined Rheem® almost a year ago after a history of working in commercial construction and plumbing. His mechanical aptitude and solution-oriented mind make him a perfect fit for the technical training team. David, along with our other technical trainers, comes with extensive plumbing experience delivering the foundation and knowledge to succeeding in the trade.

Spreading Kindness Through Plumbing

Serving others lasts through thick and thin. Even when situations change and new problems come about, David enjoys leading in a way that counts. For him, plumbing is a gold mine of opportunities to turn his skills and values into action.

Rheem trainerCreating Teaching Moments in Service

Why did I get into plumbing?

I would love to say it was to help my fellow man, but really, I needed a job and plumbing was the first trade that gave me a chance. It was, however, after I started plumbing that I realized it has enormous potential to help people in real need. So, I came for the money and stayed for the service.

What do I like most about being a plumber?

I was in commercial construction when I started. At that time, I took great satisfaction at seeing pipes in the air all nice and straight. It creates a huge sense of satisfaction to see tangible results for the labor I put in for the day.

After 2008, I switched to the service sector. It was in service that I found my vocation, so to speak. I found that helping people and seeing looks of relief in their eyes filled my heart to no end.

So, at the end of it, I love how plumbing has afforded me opportunities to serve my fellow man, honestly and sincerely. I have learned to value helping others from the experience.

What do I like most about being a trainer at Rheem?

Each of the plumbers that comes to my class is, hopefully, looking to be better at what they do. My hope is that by serving the plumbers, they will, in turn, translate that service to the customer. In that way, Rheem wins, the plumbers win and the customers win. I give the trainees solid data that they can use to develop their own approach and provide the customer with more options. I teach the trainees about all the ins and outs of water heating, tank construction, safety devices, efficiency and how efficiency is achieved. I endeavor to instill a mindset that we are professionals, and we are providing a service of comfort and security to the public. I encourage the trainees to be serious about what they are doing, but to also be comfortable and relax in the knowledge that they now possess.

What is my favorite memory of a time I helped my customers?

A lady at church and her husband had gotten older and it was a bit of work getting up from the toilet. There was a product on the market that could raise the toilet almost half a foot. This is a huge boon on old joints, especially if you sit for a while. So, I installed the product to help. The lady of the house was so relieved she was almost in tears. It was great knowing that something that had been a source of discomfort for her, and her husband, was now gone and brought her immense relief. She still thanks me for it to this day and that was years ago.

What is my proudest moment as a trainer?

I successfully completed my first training by myself. As with anything new we do in life, I was concerned about what it would take for me to get the hang of it. I practiced, sat in on presentations and even presented with someone else. When I finally took the training wheels off and stood in front of the class and when I realized I had it under control, I was proud of myself at that moment. I started something I had never done, and I was able to make it my own with gravitas.

What course is my favorite to teach?

Hands down, my favorite course is residential tank. We call it a 101 class around the shop, and it really is. We are covering fundamental knowledge about tanks and water and all the science that goes into that. It’s all stuff that we learned in high school, but seeing it in a real-world application really brings it all back.

Tell us about a time that a plumber had an ‘aha’ moment in your class?

So far, every time I give the residential tank class. When I get to the section covering anode rods, I see the lights come on. The anode rod is arguably one of the most misunderstood pieces of equipment on a water heater. When I am able to apply the science to the device and can bring both together cogently, it’s priceless. Usually there are one or two who are dumbfounded by how important that piece of equipment is.

One more thing…

Rheem has had a welcoming culture from the first day I walked in the door here. Every interaction I have had has been constructive and engaging. It is an excellent feeling to come into an organization that fosters community and cooperation.

Training Team

Our trainers conduct in-person training, develop curriculum, answer plumber and homeowner questions about products, film product informational videos and provide customized training sessions for plumbing companies. We’ve built a team with a cumulative of 350 years of experience as plumbers to make sure that our team can answer questions based on first-hand experience.

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