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Plumber Support Manager Profile: Russell “Rusty” Scaggs

April 15, 2021
plumber support rusty scaggs

I grew up in Northern Kentucky and when you think of Kentucky, what is the first thing you think of? Horses! Yes, my family raised and showed quarter horses. I was riding horses before I could even walk. Growing up on a horse farm, we didn’t call in tradesmen; we just learned to do the work ourselves – electrical, mechanical, carpentry, plumbing, machinery, all of it!

As a young adult, I joined the U.S. Navy where I continued to work with my hands as an aviation electronics technician. After my stint, I continued to work in electronics but found the travel detrimental to my family life with my wife and six children.

A friend of mine, who was also a Kentucky Plumbing Inspector, suggested I give plumbing a try. It allowed me to continue working with my hands and be home with my family almost every night, and it provided a good income. On this career path, I first became a licensed Journeyman Plumber and then a licensed Kentucky Master Plumber.

And now thirty years later, I work for Rheem® as a Plumber Support Manager in the Great Lakes Region.

Q: Why did I get into plumbing?

A: I wanted a solid career that would allow me to provide for, and be with, my family.

Q: What do I like most about being a plumber?

A: I enjoy working with my hands and helping people.

Q: What do I like most about my role at Rheem?

A: I help people! I find solutions to the questions and issues plumbers and contractors have. I train people on our products and best practices on installation and maintenance of our products.

Q: What is my favorite memory of a time I helped my customers?

A: In 1997, there was a horrific flood in my area where the entire town of Falmouth, Kentucky was under six feet of river water for over three weeks. In the aftermath of that flood, I helped many friends and neighbors by handing out food and supplies, restoring homes and property, fixing plumbing, replacing water heaters and doing whatever else it took to help them get back their sense of normalcy.

Q: What is my proudest moment as a plumber?

A: I was dispatched on a service call to fix a lavatory faucet. This very old home belonged to an elderly lady on a fixed income. The faucet was an antique, and I had to research suppliers to find just the right parts for this faucet. I was able to obtain the parts and fix her faucet. The look on her face when it was complete and that it cost her next to nothing was heartwarming and priceless!

How to Contact the Plumber Support Team

Rheem’s Plumber Support Managers are located throughout the country and are here to educate plumbers on Rheem’s products and programs and to help them grow their water heater businesses. If you’d like to be introduced to the Plumber Support Manager in your region, please call 1-866-339-2388.

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