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Plumber Support Profile: Rob Widowski

July 7, 2021
Plumber Support Manager Rob Widowski

I am Rob Widowski, Plumber Support Manager & Master Plumber for Rheem® in the Midwest Region and Houston, TX. I was the Owner/Operator of Widowski Master Plumbers and R&B Master Plumbers, LLC. Our motto was “The Exceptional Plumbers.” We were a full-service plumbing contractor doing both residential and commercial, specializing in all things plumbing. I currently reside in Greenfield, WI with my lovely wife, Crystal, and my two amazing daughters, Alyssa and Mia.

My focus has always been to train guys up to become exceptional plumbers. That is what led me to Rheem. Three years ago, when Rheem called me and asked if I was interested in training other plumbers and helping them grow their businesses as I had mine, I said yes and have been loving every minute of it.

Q: Why did you get into plumbing?
A: Both of my grandfathers were plumbers, and when I was 12 years old I started working on jobs with them. At 13 years old, I started attending Milwaukee Trade & Technical High School where I spent four years learning all aspects of Plumbing and Mechanical & Architectural Design. There, I met my mentor, and now good friend, Mr. Klopf. He was a Journeyman Plumber from Plumbers Local #75 that was teaching the Plumbing program. At 17 years old, I graduated and had to make a decision whether to accept a full ride scholarship to college for wrestling or start my Plumbing Apprenticeship.

Between the mentoring of my grandfathers and Mr. Klopf, I chose plumbing. At 22 years old, I became a Journeyman Plumber and at 25 years old, I became Wisconsin’s youngest Master Plumber. In 1997, I started Widowski Custom Built Homes and in 2000, as a General Contractor, I started Widowski Master Plumbers. I had 10 plumbers and 40 contractors working for me. I have been in the plumbing industry for more than 36 years now and absolutely love it. I truly believe if you love what you do, you’ll never work another day in your life.

Q: What do you like most about being a plumber?
A: I always felt plumbing is like a form of art. I have always enjoyed designing a system in my mind and then piping it from memory like a painter with a blank canvas.
Q: What do you like most about your role at Rheem?
A: I enjoy teaching other plumbers how to properly install and maintain our products and helping them grow their businesses.
Q: What was your favorite memory of a time you helped your customers?
A: In 36 years of doing this, there are so many to choose from, so I would say coming to the rescue in an emergency situation or figuring out a problem that no one else could is really exciting to me.

Q: What was one of your proudest moments as a plumber?
A: Hands down, becoming Wisconsin’s Youngest Master Plumber.

How to Contact the Plumber Support Team

Rheem’s Plumber Support Managers are located throughout the country and are here to educate plumbers on Rheem’s products and programs and to help them grow their water heater businesses. If you’d like to be introduced to the Plumber Support Manager in your region, please call 1-866-339-2388.

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