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Plumber Support Manager Profile: Brian Detrich

September 22, 2020

Brian has been doing plumbing work for 29 years including seven years in the U.S. Army. He is the Plumber Support Manager for our southeast region. He joined Rheem to help plumbers learn about products and grow their businesses.

Brian Detrich
Plumber Support Manager
Rheem Region: Southeast
From: Coral Springs, Florida
Specialty Areas: Residential service, light commercial and remodeling

Q: How many years have you been in the industry?

A: 29

Q: Why did you get into plumbing?

A: I helped some friends out digging sewers in 1991 and got paid well, but I was in the process of joining the Army. The Army then offered Plumber to me as an MOS so I jumped on that. I wanted to join the Army, but also wanted to learn a skill that would help me during and after my enlistment.

Q: What do you like most about being a plumber?

A: I like seeing a piece of land turn into a huge building and knowing I had something to do with its inner workings. But, I prefer service work because of the day-to-day interaction with people.

Q: What do you like most about your role at Rheem?

A: Everyone knows who Rheem is. So meeting someone new is easier because we already have that connection. Now, I tell them Rheem isn’t just water heaters. It has so many behind-the-scenes attributes that get plumbers more interested. Once they take advantage of our products and programs and realize that Rheem and I helped their business grow, it is very rewarding.

Q: What was your favorite memory of a time you helped your customers?

A: As a plumber, coming to a house that has been damaged by a plumbing fixture and fixing it. Then, once I leave, the customer now knows they are past the problem and can now start getting back to normal. They didn’t have that confidence before I arrived. As a Rheem employee, finding ways for a stagnant company to start growing their profits. Either with better grade training or financing or just teaching them to give their customers options. It’s very rewarding. Seeing that light bulb go off like “I can’t wait to try that.”

Q: What was one of your proudest moments as a plumber?

A: I was deployed to South Florida after Hurricane Andrew in 1992…just helping the people get their plumbing working again and giving them a glimmer of hope. One doesn’t realize how important basic plumbing is until it’s not working. Simple showers or flushing a toilet is huge when it’s taken away.

How to Contact the Plumber Support Team

Rheem’s Plumber Support Managers are located throughout the country and are here to educate plumbers on Rheem’s products and programs and to help them grow their water heater businesses. If you’d like to be introduced to the Plumber Support Manager in your region, please call 1-866-339-2388.

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